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5 Main Advantages of Trading Altcoins

The cryptocurrency craze of the last year and a half may seem overblown to some but the reality is that there are many reasons for regular people to prefer investing on the Altcoin market, rather than in the Forex one. Digital assets like the Bitcoin value are prone to even higher and more frequent fluctuations than fiat currencies, indices, commodities, and stocks.

This means that while the risk levels can also greatly increase so do the odds of generating favorable daily results via the means of crypto trading. Users did not go berserk over digital currencies which led to a drastic increase in their prices.

The following cryptopocalypse from the beginning of 2018 was the expected aftermath but such things occur all the time in the financial sphere. The same thing has happened to the value of the Apple, Microsoft, and Mercedes stocks, for example. There are also several clever strategies which can help traders avoid the negative backlash from such situations.

Many wonder what the actual advantages of cryptocurrency trading actually are. We have selected several benefits that are unique only to the Altcoin investment field. They are solid enough arguments for people to go all crypto and never look back.

Did You Know?

One of the top techniques to achieve good earnings even when the markets start crashing is to purchase contract-for-differences (CFDs) for a given cryptocurrency. They are the most favored form of derivative trading. Users simply have to decide whether a given asset’s price will rise or fall within a preset time frame. There are also lots of auto-pilot crypto robots who calculate and analyze everything instead of the end user and can come in real handy when it comes to forecasting value fluctuations.

1st Advantage of Crypto Trading: Altcoins Help Resolve Daily Issues!

Even though they are not officially recognized by mainstream governments as being a viable payment system, cryptocurrencies have managed to take the world by storm. The stable Bitcoin value is exemplary of this. The price of other digital exchanges is also following a consistent pattern.

Many argue that Altcoins do not have any real-life value so there is no use in engaging in crypto mining and scrypt mining procedures but this is not actually true. All of the major international e-stores nowadays accept digital currencies. This is valid for eBay, Amazon, eGifter, Overstock, plane and space journey tickets for Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Galactic, as well as many other.

But which everyday problems do Altcoin truly help resolving? Let’s take a look:

  1. Tackling Inflation Rates: Fiat currencies are subject to constant devaluation. Lots of people have started stocking up on Altcoins in segregated accounts because real-life financial crisis does not affect their value in a negative way.

  2. Free Transfer of Capitals: Some countries impose serious sanctions on the free monetary flow from one geographical region to the other. Cryptocurrency trading diminishes borders and allows for the unrestricted flow of finances.

  3. Eliminates the Practice of Confiscation of Assets: Governments have the right to step in and take away the ownership of nearly everything that a given individual possesses, except digital currencies which are not regulated by them and do not fall under any jurisdiction.

  4. Minimize Monetary Transaction Fees: International bank transfers can sometimes take days to complete but they also go heavy on one’s wallet. It all depends on the policies of the given institution but most have quite the costly commissions. Altcoins help users to bend this obstacle without having to break any laws.

2nd Advantage of Crypto Trading: Individual Control Over Earnings!

Users who have acquired Altcoins via crypto mining or currency trading are the sole ones who have access to the said digital monetary sums. E-Wallets can be accessed only with the use of the private key which is owned by the account holder.

Some hot and cold storage companies even have the practice of automatically changing the passwords of their clients every couple of hours in order to avoid third party interferences. Users only have to make sure to make the necessary SSL precautions.

3rd Advantage of Crypto Trading: Universally-Accessible 24/7!

Most stock exchanges operate according to a set timetable. They do not work on weekends which puts investors on hold. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are based on open-source blockchain protocols. They can be mined for and traded with at any given moment. There are no schedules that users have to comply with. This makes them easily-accessible 24/7 from any point on the globe!

4th Advantage of Crypto Trading: Complete Anonymity & Protection of Personal Data!

In an era defined by social media, lots of people wish that they could escape to an online or offline location where they will be invisible and inaccessible to others. Bitcoin and every Altcoin for that matter provide just this – personal privacy and security.

This also eliminates the odds of falling onto a scam or somebody getting a hold of one’s credit or debit card details. Double SSL encryption is utilized by most cryptocurrency exchanges which make transactions virtually untraceable. Users can also undertake several additional but very easy actions in order to further maximize the integrity of their account and e-Wallet.


5th Advantage of Crypto Trading: Turning Mobile Payments into a Trend!

Most Altcoin exchanges have a mobile app. The only thing that users have to do is scan a given product’s QR Code and then they pay automatically. Every transaction is thoroughly described in their account history. There are no hidden fees or transfer taxes. It is time to forget about the lousy signing-up process and the subsequent swiping of the debit or credit card, typing in a PIN or placing a virtual signature, and then waiting for approval. The future is here!

Cryptocurrency Trading is the Future of Finance!

Altcoins and their respective blockchain technology managed to change the way humanity views traditional payment systems. But this is not the only thing they do. Slowly, as not everyone is ready to succumb smoothly to gradual lifestyle changes, they are beginning to change the shape of the world we live in. And us as people, for that matter!

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