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Agora Financial – What Is It?


Agora Financial is one of the many available lifestyle improvement apps. It supposedly provides its users with access to various financial and market publications that should inform you and give you advice on how you can achieve success and gain returns on your investment.

Currently, many regular traders show increased interest in this platform due to the fact that it actually has a lot of info to offer as well as a premium website interface. As a result, most of the users believe that this system is legit and trustworthy.

The people behind this ambitious website are Jim Rickards, Ray Blanco, Zach Scheidt and Addison Wiggin. Still, they are just employees of the company as its alleged creator and owner are called Bill Bonner. You can find some more information about them on the Internet, however, we are not sure that the provided photos are really authentic.

We are now going to share with you all the data that we managed to find and analyze about this software. Read the scam review to get the important details related to its real performance and legitimacy.

What Is Agora Financial?

The official information about Agora Financial suggests that the platform offers unlimited access to some world-class analysts and publications that can help people secure their future and live the life they want. This should be possible thanks to the team of financial analysts and experts who can easily find and summarize valuable information to the members of this lifestyle improving app.

Also, the alleged experts that are supposed to work for this solution should share their proven strategies with all the members of the software in order to help them generate positive results on a regular basis.

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With all these features Agora Financial has been pointed as a leading innovator in the financial publishing industry. It is, therefore, expected to correctly predict some of Wall Street and Washington’s biggest moves.

These promises sound really nice and solid, however, we couldn’t confirm the reliability of the software. This means that there is no evidence to support the proper work of this app.

Still, it has also been claimed that the Agora Financial’s editors have earned recognition from various media platforms such as CNN Money, MSN Money, Market Watch, CNBC, Fox Business, etc.

How Does Agora Financial Work?

The main task of the app is to provide its members with various publications and investment strategies related to many different interests and goals that you may have. And this means that even inexperienced investors should be able to start trading like a pro by relying on these independent and unbiased analysts.

The various sections of the platform will show you the different educational services it offers. The interesting thing here is that you can find information about various fields of interest. There are publications that cover many topics on some of the most lucrative business fields that are currently attracting the interest of the traders from all over the world.

For example, you can learn to find companies that are poised for rapid growth or you can get info about some advanced investment strategies. So far so good, however, there is no explanation on how exactly all these publications are supposed to directly help you start generating positive results.


Agora Financial Is a Scam?

We believe that you should better stay away from Agora Financial as it is not proven to be completely reliable and legit. In addition, it is not user-friendly so people without significant investment experience won’t be able to easily understand the information they are going to get.

Also, you cannot be sure that you are going to achieve success just thanks to some articles and publications on various market topics. Of course, they can help you educate yourself, however, the Internet space is full of free content that you can use for your needs.

Finally, we checked the web for some users’ testimonials and a great part of them was negative. This is another red flag suggesting that you should avoid dealing with this lifestyle improvement app.

You can check out the QProfit System in case you are willing to find a legit and really powerful investment solution.

Final Thoughts

Agora Financial may seem to be a legit and highly-professional lifestyle improvement app, however, our research generated mixed results. Based on this, we would advise our readers to be careful and not to opt for this software as they may remain disappointed. Take your time and don’t make any irrational decisions.

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