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Atlas Quantum Investment Platform – Sky-High Results Or A Scam?

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Atlas Quantum investment platform is also referred to as the Atlas Project. It was allegedly crafted and designed by a Brazilian entrepreneur several years ago just around the time that Bitcoin and Ethereum first began to gain momentum. He supposedly wanted to help regular people harness the incredible momentum that cryptocurrencies have.

It is stated in an online article that this is no other than the infamous Rodrigo Marques dos Santos – a former Senior Consultant at the BM & FBOVESPA. The said is the prime leading Securities, Commodities, and Futures Exchange in Latin America, located in São Paulo, Brazil.

An in-depth investigation reveals that there is no such person that was ever employed by the organization. Many clients share in their user testimonials that they have never managed to achieve the results that the arbitrage crypto trading platform promises. Most professional trading reviews have also been negative.


Founder Rodrigo Marques dos Santos – Is He Real?

The founder of this arbitrage crypto trading app is supposed to be a renowned former employee of BM & FBOVESPA – the largest stock exchange in Latin America. An online research into his personality reveals that he does exist. There are even too many people called this way. But there is no official record that verifies that he has ever worked for such an institution.

The only piece of evidence which suggests that he is genuine is one single LinkedIn account which does not appear to be professionally-designed at all. It was most likely opened just to make the creator seem more legit when the reality is that he is not.

If this Bitcoin investment platform truly was launched by a skilled investor, then, he wouldn’t shy away from giving interviews and appearing in public. But the man seen in the LinkedIn and Instagram account pictures is most likely just a paid actor or it could even be a simple stock image.

While there are still some odds of this cryptocurrency investment project being authentic, it is most likely a scam. It is best for users to proceed to an already proven to be a legit Bitcoin trading app, like This Trading Platform which is known to give stable and consistent results every day.

Did You Know?

It is said that the cryptocurrency exchange company Atlas Quantum employs more than 100 different people and manages private assets which are worth more than $100 million. But if this were really so, then mainstream digital media would be head over heels talking about the platform. It is hardly mentioned anywhere at all. Another dubious claim is that the project has been in operation for two years. The official domain, however, was not reserved until March 2018 and the Bitcoin investment platform was launched several months thereafter.

Still Not Clear Where It Operates From

Atlas Quantum app is supposed to be a legally functioning company with a creator who is a well-known name in the regulated financial sector of Latin America. This statement is not backed up by any actual facts. Yet alone that the firm does not appear in any official registers. Its authenticity cannot be proven by existing facts.

Not Regulated & Approved For Bitcoin Investments

Since this cryptocurrency exchange project is not in possession of any official licenses that certify that it can handle crypto-coins and digital assets properly, it would not be in the best interest of the client to join it. There are far better Bitcoin investment solutions out there.

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The present one does not even allow its clients to operate with a greater number of crypto tokens, just the top5 ones included in the list of cryptocurrency by market cap. The included special features also do not come handy at all.

No Arbitrage Crypto Trading – Scam Alert!

Atlas Quantum investment platform is nothing more than a scam, disguised in a lavish exterior. It tries so hard to appear to be legit but turns out to be nothing more than a dubious wolf in sheep clothes. It does not even operate according to the best-established principles of arbitrage trading. There are no special features and the number of assets that one can invest in is limited. A total letdown!

Atlas Quantum Platform – Sky-High Letdown!

Atlas Quantum is not a legit and genuine cryptocurrency exchange app. It is a well-disguised sham which can only generate disappointment and not solid and consistent results. Users must proceed to a more reliable Bitcoin investment platform if they wish to accumulate good and consistent results that will only increase with time. There are far better choices than it!

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