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Auto Bitcoin Generator System – Crypto Trading For Beginners Or A Scam?

Bitcoin Trading Software Basics

Auto Bitcoin Generator System is a cryptocurrency investment solution which was designed and developed by Tom Drapir. The digital trading tool allegedly allows users to capitalize on ongoing trends and achieve maximum daily results. Its creator claims that the crypto mining robot was featured in newscasts and articles, published and streamed on different types of prominent media, such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Forbes.

The official logos of the companies are even shown on the landing page of the crypto robot. But our in-depth investigation revealed that this is none of them are actually authentic. They are simply stolen and used as a marketing hook-up.

Users should not be quick to trust any part of the cryptocurrency trading system’s advertising campaign. Even the personality of the creator is covered in dubiosity. There is no life-changing potential in any of its services.

Creator Tom Drapir – Is There Such A Person?

Tom Drapir is given as the founder of AutoBitcoinGenerator System and an active member of the development team. He is supposed to be an everyday software developer who used to work for a high-end Wall Street investment company. After working several years for the trading firm, he was asked by one of the executives to begin designing secret computer codes.

The said are allegedly based on a hush-hush loophole that discovers and identifies across fruitful investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market that allows even complete newcomers to conduct lucrative Bitcoin trading operations. His boss later acquired huge monetary sums and left the company, leaving only Drapir with access to the algorithm.

He began to enhance it even further, dedicating long furtive hours after work. When the Alpha version was ready, he started trading with the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 – the crypto-coin with unparalleled perspectives and the forefather of them all – Bitcoin. All of this sounds very promising but our investigation revealed that there is nothing truthful about it.

Tom Drapir is just a fictional person whose only purpose is to make more people get started with the shammy crypto robot. Online users will find that there are far better Altcoin solutions on the Internet. Among the top choices falls the Crypto Code System. It has the full capacity to generate stable and consistent results.

Did You Know?

All cryptocurrencies are considered to be ‘intangible property’ by authorities in the biggest countries in the world. But people who are in some Bitcoins or Ethers, for example, will only have to pay a capital gains tax if they sell them. There are other possible ways to achieve positive daily results and one of them is by keeping the crypto tokens in a crypto wallet and waiting for their price to rise. Users can then purchase something luxurious and still be ahead of others.

Fabricated Company Logos & Media Approval Stamps

Auto Bitcoin Generator System displays the logos of three media tycoon companies – The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Forbes. They have supposedly endorsed and promoted the cryptocurrency proprietary software. But a quick check up on the search engines of their digital platforms reveals that there is no such thing. This is a cleverly-constructed marketing plot and maneuver whose only point is to attract clients.

Complete Cryptocurrency Sham!

This crypto trading solution does not offer any unique features. Users are not even provided with the opportunity to apply different technical indicators. There are many unclear and uncertain facts about the Bitcoin investment solution.


It utilizes fake certificates, stamps-of-approval, and company logos in order to attract clients. Another devious practice that it is involved in is to advertise that it only has 25 free spots left when, in fact, they are limitless. Auto Bitcoin Generator System is an almost certain scam.

Close Similarity To Other Crypto Trading Scams!

The final nail to the verdict of this cryptocurrency investment solution is the fact that it utilizes the same script of the promotional video, as well as the trading platform and concept, as some other proven Bitcoin trading shams. This is not the first piece of software, released by this exact group of scammers – they are responsible for at least five which were released since the end of 2017.

Auto Bitcoin Generator System Is Not Worth Users’ Time!

Auto Bitcoin Generator System is a scam cryptocurrency trading solution that is not worth the attention of the digital investment community. There are far better crypto robots on the Internet that provide free access to a handful of useful tools and authentic possibilities to capitalize on top of current Altcoin trends. Users better sign-up with one of them.

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