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Banc de Crypto Review

Banc de Crypto is one of the newest crypto brokers that were launched on the market in the recent couple of days. The software doesn’t look like a professional trading platform and the available information is limited and insufficient. According to it, this product is presented as the first private cryptocurrency investment fund that is allegedly powered by some blockchain investment technologies.

Of course, all the existing online trading systems claim to be the best and most powerful on the market to attract new clients. You should know that most of them, however, turn out to be scams, therefore you should be careful. Our task here is to provide our regular readers with an in-depth investigation that can offer substantial and reliable information.

Read the following scam review and you will see why in our professional opinion, this newly presented crypto trading exchange is not worth it.

First Look at the Crypto Broker

Banc de Crypto does not have a dedicated center of operations but rather adopts decentralized systems. Its leadership is spread through seven different locations, with all of them sharing power equitably. Of course, no information related to the owners of the product is available. The team behind this crypto broker is anonymous which is a bad sign. In case of any trouble, users won’t be able to directly address their problems in order to find a solution.

Apart from that, the crypto broker apparently deals mostly with Bitcoin. As a result, its members are promised to achieve great success, however, this information has not been proven as reliable, yet.

Good to Know:

Many people decide to invest in cryptocurrencies and more specifically in Bitcoin because of the fact they find it reliable and highly advanced investment opportunity with maximum returns, and minimum risk. As the potential of the digital currencies is undoubtedly significant, this investment field hides its risks, so everyone should be careful when dealing with this business.

Banc de Crypto – Not Regulated and Unreliable?

Our research revealed that this crypto broker does not offer any reliable information related to the contact forms you can use in order to get in touch with the support team of the platform. It is only mentioned that the software has people in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and the UK.

In addition, the brokerage has not been regulated in none of the EU countries it allegedly has offices in, which is a reg flag. This is important as the lack of regulation document means that this platform is not allowed to operate legally.

Fake Testimonials!

On the official website of the crypto exchange, you may notice a section with user testimonials. As expected, all of them are positive and laudatory. The peculiar fact here is that a simple check revealed that the uploaded testimonials are 100% fake. The used pictures are just stock photos, downloaded from the web for free.

Banc de Crypto – A Scam or Not?

Banc de Crypto is a scam and no one should have any doubt in this. The crypto broker is absolutely fake as our research revealed that there is no any trading platform that actually conducts financial operations. The product is nothing more than an empty web-page filled with fake promises and unrealistic goals.

Our Internet research also proved the scam origin of the broker as all its former users upload negative comments. Most of them are complaining about the fact that they have lost all their invested funds.

If you really need to find a reliable and advanced online trading tool to work with, we advise you to consider the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas.

Final Thoughts

Beware Banc de Crypto as it is one of the most unreliable and bogus crypto trading brokers we have come across. Not by a chance the Internet is full of negative reviews and warning articles about this platform. This is why we need to make sure that all our regular readers will stay away from this scam.

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