What is Cryptocurrency?

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018 – Doing It The Smart Way!

All of the recent Altcoin news suggest that 2018 is going to be a good year for cryptocurrencies even if their prices do not reach the peak levels of November 2017. ‘Why so?’, some would ask. Well, more and more countries are beginning to revisit their official monetary recognition and approval policies.

This means that the point in time when cryptocurrency exchanges will be regulated approaches more and more with each passing day. Some people may not view the imposition of rules as a good thing but this state of mind is not very realistic as monitoring also means enhanced legal stability, transparency, and clarity.

Another reason why digital coins will continue having stable price ratios is that the number of institutional investors who are willing to place part of their savings into Altcoins or engage in Bitcoin trading, for example, is growing.

If creators of cryptocurrency exchange apps have luck, then 2018 might turn into the first full year of official bodies and organizations swaying their full attention to the crypto token direction. More and more legit Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) appear daily on the market. They usually require good amounts of a particular Altcoin, Ethereum being the preferred choice, in order to start-up their thing.

Digital traders who wish to find the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 must follow the Altcoin news closely. It is always good to trade with several different exchanges as it is highly unlikely that the price of all of them will start crashing at the same time.

Cryptocurrency news will help the user stay ahead of the rat race. Signing-up for an authentic crypto trading software or Bitcoin broker should also get the job done properly. Genuine investment solutions provide users with exclusive information all the time.

Did You Know?

The average Bitcoin price graph is the highest in the industry even though it is also prone to high volatility levels. People can now purchase almost anything they need with its monetary equivalent in the cryptocurrency. Such products include books, space travel tickets, flight tickets, baby bibs, pizzas, groceries, comics, technology, immovable property, and one can even make charity donations.

How Cryptocurrency Works? – The Simple Explanation

The way that cryptocurrencies operate may seem a bit hard for regular people to comprehend but the truth is that it is very simple. Most digital coins are mined for. Crypto mining and scrypt mining are the processes in which computer hardware or software that are associated with the account of a given user constantly solve complex mathematical equations in order to build ‘a block’ of the blockchain.

Once a whole unit (math puzzle) has been untangled, every person who contributed to solving the equation receives a whole crypto token or a fraction of a such, in the case of Bitcoin. Another way to get a hold of them is by crypto trading or operating with a general consensus ledger, like the one that the Ripple coin pioneered.

Transactions are carried out between the different users and recorded on the digital ledger. People who wish to understand the working principle of cryptocurrencies should think of regular banks. But instead of the official institution issuing the given monetary amount, a programming algorithm does the job.

Usually, information as to who exactly sent the crypto tokens is encrypted but the public address of the receiver is public. The said cryptocurrency amounts are kept in crypto wallets which could be the so-called ‘full node’ or on a third-party platform that operates with Bitcoin or the given Altcoin.

Fun Fact:

The term blockchain is derived from the fact that financial data (‘a block’) is added sequentially to the ledger, forming a virtual ‘chain’. It was the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, that was the first to launch the technology. There have been many different variations of it released on the Internet. Each and every one of them is designed on the basis of the very first.

List of Cryptocurrency by Market Cap – A Cryptocurrency Chart

The easiest way to figure out which the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 is can be done via the means of examining a cryptocurrency chart. Most authentic exchange platforms provide their users a regularly-updated one. Being a highly-volatile market, trading with Altcoins involves sometimes rapid price drops and surprising price changes.

But a given coin’s value may also increase drastically overnight. There are different factors which can affect the price of a given cryptocurrency. We have compiled a short list of the top 5 tokens, based on their market capitalization.

Here they are:

  • BTC – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency: It is harder nowadays to obtain a Bitcoin than a diamond. Trading with the first digital exchange is proving to be more fruitful than ever, as it remains the #1 crypto token to have. It may not have a physical form but its units will one day have an almost collectible and antique value as its supply amount is limited and already approaching exhaustion. So get one while they are still available!
  • ETH – Ethereum Cryptocurrency: Founded and launched by Russian-Canadian mathematical and programming prodigy Vitalik Buterin while he was still in his late teens, Ethereum enhances the blockchain technology pioneered by Bitcoin up to the point that it was the subject of many upscale institutional investments. It also introduced a new system of smart contracts which enables super-fast completion of transaction orders – 10-15 seconds. The Ether token is the second most wanted coin in the crypto trading world.
  • XRP – Ripple Cryptocurrency: Many users prefer to invest in the Ripple coin because it implements the unique general consensus ledger. It can be said that the average transaction approval time is shorter than that of Ethereum. Which makes it one of the top available choices. The XRP price remains stable and the personal data security measure it undertakes are some of the best-established.
  • BCH – Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency: This cryptocurrency exchange was launched in the midst of a great debate, some might even refer to it as a dispute. Bitcoin Cash, however, managed to come out unharmed and even emerged as the fourth cryptocurrency by market cap. It was created with the idea of serving as a solution to Bitcoin’s ongoing scalability issue but turned out to be a crypto token on its own. One which is quite lucrative to have.
  • LTC – LiteCoin Cryptocurrency: The LiteCoin tokens are called Lites. The underlying protocol of the cryptocurrency exchange mimics that of Bitcoin in almost every possible way. They are absolutely identical. It was designed and developed by former Google software engineer Charlie Lee who did such good work that it is the fifth most wanted coin on the digital market.


What Affects the Cryptocurrency Price?

Different factors may contribute to the end price of a given cryptocurrency. They can vary from regulation policies to new crypto coins emerging on the market and shifting the big picture. The level of difficulty that the respective blockchain network has is also to be taken into account.

We have compiled a short list of the main things which can make the Altcoin value go up or down. They are:

  • Supply Volume Ratios;
  • Supply-and-Demand Levels;
  • Electricity Expenditures That Concern the Crypto Mining Process;
  • The Rate of Advancement of the Given Blockchain;
  • How Easy It Is to Obtain & Store the Coin;
  • Public Perception of Its Value;
  • Current Bitcoin Price;
  • Media Representation & Image;
  • Institutional Investment Fundings;
  • Number of Scams Operating With It;
  • Market Dilution Rates;
  • How Innovative the Underlying Technology Is;
  • Official Regulation Impositions;

Choose the Crypto Exchange That Best Serves Your Needs!

The best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 is not definitive. Everything is up to the user’s individual needs and requirements. Some people place security and safety levels above everything else, while others value the underlying technology the most. The wisest thing to do would be to trade with several different exchanges at once.

This is the top way to ensure that even if the price of one begins to drop rapidly, another one’s will go up. The most important thing is to never let panic get to your head. Emotional trading and hastily-taken decisions have caused more damage than any other investment error.

Examining each and every aspect of a cryptocurrency exchange platform and keeping track of the most recent Altcoin news can users a lot. They should keep a cool head and do their best to trade smart. Nothing else is required.

Find the BEST Crypto Tool

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To start making investments, do the following:

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3. Start Trading

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