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What Is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is one of the most popular names nowadays. But what does the name convey? It encompasses several things. This is not just a digital decentralized asset or as it is better known – cryptocurrency. It is also a global payment system that operates on a peer-to-peer network. Bitcoin serves as a payment method that requires no intermediary and all transactions are recorded without an option for changing them in a public ledger that is known as the blockchain.

This cryptocurrency is probably the most popular one on a global scale. People participate in Bitcoin mining, buy and sell it for the purposes of trading, and hold the tokens for long-term investments. It is a digital asset that spiked in value in the last two years and has revealed its full potential to the global investment community.

What It Means To Trade & Invest In Bitcoin?

The popularity of the Bitcoin has grown so much in the past two years that its name has become synonymous with cryptocurrency trading in general. People are mainly interested in Bitcoin trading either with the help of Bitcoin brokers or Bitcoin robots, as well as on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why Is this Asset so Liked?

The main reason behind the huge interest in Bitcoin trading is the fact that it is not an asset that falls under governmental regulation. Its value does not depend so heavily on governmental decisions and actions from official financial authorities. Other factors are the main determinants of the value. That is why its price sky-rocketed in 2017, reaching just above $20k for a single token.

Did you Know…?

The price of the cryptocurrency is known to be susceptible to fluctuations but most basic economic laws state that the higher the risk the bigger the rewards. In other words, these fluctuations are only a sign for investors that they can gain significant returns from their Bitcoin investments. Its value is maintained constantly higher than other assets because the applications of the cryptocurrency increase each month. Bitcoin tokens are accepted by PayPal, Amazon, and eBay for example.

How to Recognize the Legit Bitcoin Brokers?

There are a lot of things you should consider when choosing your Bitcoin broker for trading. The industry expanded rapidly and many scam platforms emerged amid all the excitement. But here you can inform yourself on the key characteristics that can show you if your Bitcoin broker is reliable or not.

Bitcoin Brokers Trading Platform

You should consider the quality of the available environment. The best Bitcoin brokers offer innovative features, different methods of trading including Copy and Social trading. Usually, the platforms are browser-based and optimized to run only requiring a strong Internet connection.

It is also very important that the broker you select can offer you a variety of account types. Different account tiers provide sometimes different additional features. Make your choice depending on your personal needs and current skills level.

Regulation of Bitcoin Brokers

When you opt-in for an investment platform, an exchange or a Bitcoin broker, make sure it has all the necessary encryptions and that it is a subject of regulation. Regulated and licensed are the only ones that can provide you with the application of safety and security measures to ensure are genuine investment experience for you.

Customer Support

The best platforms give you access to a professionally trained and highly skilled customer service. Because of the nature of the trading processes and the technological foundations of the industry, you might find yourself in a need of assistance. Usually, the customer service of the best Bitcoin brokers can be reached 24/7. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you need help.

Asset Type & Variety

When you sign up for a Bitcoin broker, you will be enabled to trade crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum under the popular CFD derivative (Contract for Differences). This financial instrument allows for easy and intuitive investments, regardless of your level of knowledge. On broker platforms, you can also trade a vast array of other assets like stocks, Forex pairs, and commodities, and in most cases – even indices.

Trading With Bitcoin Brokers

The most important part of trading with a Bitcoin broker is to sign up with a reliable platform. This is the only way investors will be able to generate satisfying results with their efforts. For complete novices, special automated platforms known as a Bitcoin robot have been developed. These platforms can automate the processes of analyzing the market situation and opening and closing investment positions, all thanks to their autopilot capabilities.

With a Bitcoin broker, you participate in what is known as day-trading. If you go on a cryptocurrency exchange, you will be able to buy and sell your assets for the purposes of long-term investments.

Simple Strategies for Trading with a Bitcoin Broker

When actively participating in online trading, you don’t have to make some very complex strategies and execute them in order to generate satisfying results. The main principle that most investors follow is to buy an asset low and then sell it high.

If you use a Bitcoin robot instead of a broker, the system will automatically do this for you. Robots are especially useful for people with zero experience because of the featured autopilot and the generated trading signals.

Bitcoin Brokers Reshaping Investments

The digital investment world has been completely transformed ever since the popularity of Bitcoin grew so much. Trading now has a very different face and some might argue that this is the most lucrative time one can choose to participate in the industry. It is not a single cryptocurrency you can trade with a Bitcoin broker. You can invest in dozens of the so-called ‘altcoins’ and create a portfolio that can change the way you view the investment world.

Succeed With a Safe Crypto Broker

Even among the best brokers, there are those that shine brighter than the rest. After years in the industry and endless hours of efforts, we have discovered the top crypto brokers. You can see them in our comparison tables and learn more about them, or directly visit the industry leader!

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