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Bitcoin Formula Review

An Introduction

The world of digital currency is so lucrative that many people out there will grab the first opportunity they get that is related to bitcoins.

Recently, the Bitcoin Formula app was released and it started gaining a lot of attention on social media. It claims to be a trading system that assists traders in making investment decisions and choices.

So can this new tool be trusted as a viable option for trading bitcoins? Or, it is a scam software that should be avoided at all costs?

After doing a thorough research, we are of the opinion that Bitcoin Formula is a non-working trading app. You can find out more details about what it is about in our comprehensive review.

Bitcoin Formula Website

Anyone who wants to sign up for the app can do so by visiting their official website. They have a short sign up form which must be filled out with the user’s email address and name. Their website looks really professional and contains an intro video, some details about what it can do for its users, testimonials and how people can benefit from the software.


But, it doesn’t provide any accurate information or logical explanation on how the software manages to achieve the accuracy rates they have mentioned. We highly doubt that Bitcoin Formula is capable of delivering positive results. In fact, we cannot even believe that it can help its users generate significant returns from their investments in bitcoins.

What They Say and How It Really Works?

According to them, Bitcoin Formula makes use of superior technology to analyse the bitcoin markets and make predictions about price movements. They say that they have programmed the software using advanced features that allows it to know in which direction the price will move even before the markets start reacting. So basically, they want traders to believe that it is the “time leap” that makes Bitcoin Formula so efficient and reliable.

The kind of information they have provided on the operational process of the software doesn’t make sense. We would have appreciated if they mentioned which technology, indicators or codes they have incorporated because this would have helped us determine how advanced the software really is. But lack of information only suggests that even the developers have no clue about how it works. The make-believe world that these people have created indicates that they are out there to scam innocent traders.

The software doesn’t work in a manner that has been outlined on their homepage. In fact, it attracts new traders with fake promises and makes them deposit funds with an unregulated broker. The affiliate marketers get a commission for every successful referral they make. The broker makes withdrawals complicated and part with the funds, leaving traders disappointed and heart-broken.

Good to Know:

Fake trading systems put traders into contact with shady brokers. They don’t reveal the name of the broker until the sign up process is complete. They don’t give traders the freedom to choose their own broker and take $250 as minimum investment even after claiming that their software is free of cost.

Bitcoin Formula Is a Lousy Scam

Anyone who has even basic knowledge about bitcoins and financial trading will know that any product or service guaranteeing consistent success rate of over 90% is nothing more than a scam. The bitcoin markets experience high degree of volatility from time to time and it is not possible for any program to make accurate predictions all the time. Plus, if this kind of highly accurate software really existed, it would cost many thousands in subscription. It would surely not be free, just like Bitcoin Formula.

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When someone designs something useful they take pride and make public appearances. But, the developers of Bitcoin Formula cannot be traced. We have no idea who is behind this malicious creation. The contact details and address they have provided on their website are also invalid.

We weren’t surprised when we saw testimonials on their website. Some people claim to have earned massively by using this software. Others have already started to live luxurious lives from the earnings they accumulated. The statements sound good, but we really wish they had some truth in them. The testimonials are fake because the photos used belong to models and actors which are available for purchase via stock image websites.

Another fact that needs to be highlighted is that Bitcoin Formula never won an award. The claim of winning national and international awards is false.

Final Thoughts

The people who are operating this scam trading app are very skilful and clever. They have made an old software appear new by giving it a makeover. But no one can change the fact that Bitcoin Formula is a bogus trading system and it cannot be trusted.

Through this review, we aim to alert traders about the dangers of using such a trading tool. We don’t encourage anyone to make the mistake of signing up for Bitcoin Formula because it doesn’t work to deliver positive results.

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