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BitCoin Solve Review

Bitcoin Solve CFD trading platform which was allegedly founded in early 2011 in order to address the need for a legit cryptocurrency exchange that people could rely on. Its creators are an alleged group of professional and highly-skilled Forex and CFD investors. They turned to the cryptocurrencies market after the events that led to the Economic Crisis of 2008.

The team behind the CFD investment broker is described as being single-minded and driven to help the average user acquire solid daily results on the financial markets. This is far from the truth as we could not verify not even one of the alleged founders. The official website does not even feature their names.

One of the things that make us doubt the legitimacy status of the crypto broker is the fact that it is not regulated. There is close to no information as to how it operates on the Altcoin markets, nor the principles that the algorithm is based on.

We suggest that online users deter from signing up for the services of the brokerage as it might be a scam. It is not a safe and secure choice. Traders can either Proceed to Safety OR Pick a Legit Robot from the following table.

No License & Official Certification

Not every CFD investment platform that claims to provide risk-free trading operations on the financial and crypto markets is legit. The same is valid for Bitcoin Solve cryptocurrency exchange. It is freshly-established so there is time for it to grow but all indications point out that it might be a scam.

This is mainly fueled by the fact that it does not work with the official recognition or approval of the appropriate authorities. It does not have an issued certificate which can prove that it provides genuine services. There is also no background data on the supposed creators.

Our inquiry into the way in works came across some indications that it partners with devious platforms. Most trading reviews about it have been far from the positive. Users are also not satisfied with their daily results.

It is best to open a trading account with a truly legit Forex robot like the QProfit System. Traders have issued their contented feedback about the investment software’s daily performance. There is a limited number of free daily spots available. They are quickly taken so anyone who wishes to secure one must hurry up.


Blank User Testimonials Present on Website

The supposedly authentic user testimonials which are displayed on the official website are completely fabricated. There is no text, no pictures, nor anything that could be viewed as representative of an actual scrypt mining investor. The review boxes are blank.

This is a concrete scam alert as even the most dubious currency mining platforms usually purchase stock photos in order to appear legit. The founders of the present crypto broker have not even undertaken this basic effort.

Keep in Mind:

Even legit crypto robots and brokers sometimes use stock images for the user testimonials and reviews displayed on their official websites. This is a security precaution as some traders, especially in the Altcoin markets, prefer to remain anonymous. It does not directly imply that the Bitcoin trading or Ethereum trading solution is a scam.

Investment Plans Not Based on the Real Markets

Bitcoin Solve CFD broker offers five different investment plans, with a fifth one pending an official announcement and launch soon. The negative part is that not even one of them is based on current trends in the crypto, CFD trading, and Forex markets. This scrypt mining platform does not store client data in a secure manner so there is nothing keeping client deposits safe and sound.

Users Should Stay Alert – Possible Scam!

Our investigation confirms that this is not an authentic and legitimate crypto broker. It does not operate according to any real-life market events. We remain reserved in our final verdict and warn users that this investment platform might be a scam. There is no point in getting started with one of the CFD investment plans as they will most likely not generate any kind of positive daily results.

Drawing the Line

Bitcoin Solve CFD trading platform has dubious origins and is not proven to work properly. Most of the users that have had trading accounts with it are not satisfied and content with their daily results. There are considerable scam indications. It is not a viable choice for newcomer traders. Online investors better stay as far away as possible and get started with a more reliable and authentic investment system.

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My name is Jamie Portiss. Let me tell a little bit more about myself. I am a Financial Analyst by profession. Having worked my entire life in the financial services sector, I have managed to build a solid investment portfolio. It all began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and right after graduating from university, I began working as a Junior Financial Analyst at a startup company, dealing with financial solutions. I want to bestow our know-how and understanding of the virtual markets (the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin trading, and Altcoin investment spheres, in particular) with users. All that it takes is to do it the right way!

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