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Bitdax Global System – Is It Legal & Legit Or A Scam?

Basic Overview Of The Crypto Robot

Bitdax Global System is a devious crypto trading robot that also allegedly powers a cryptocurrency exchange platform, operating under the same name. Its founders claim to have a solid background in Bitcoin investments but their professional portfolios cannot be verified by an independent third party.

There is more than one dubious factor that surrounds the design and development process of this Altcoin investment software. The crypto trading software supposedly operates in the Fintech sphere and its main purpose of existence is to offer research and financial support opportunities to small-scale cryptocurrency start-ups.

This is not supported by any actual proof. In fact, most of the existing user testimonials and expert trading reviews confirm that it is nothing more than one’s regular over-hyped scam. The people behind it try to disguise their origins but making the company’s field of operation sound complex.

Online traders better avoid this cryptocurrency investment robot. It is nothing more than a scam. They can decide whether they wish to Proceed to Safety OR Choose A Trusted Crypto Trading Software from the following table.

Creators’ Backgrounds Cannot Be Verified!

The people that are allegedly responsible for the launch of this crypto trading software are described as ‘designing trading robots for half a decade’. But the professional portfolios featured on the official website of the Bitcoin investment solution does not mention any names of all the Forex software that they are actually responsible for.

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A man called Andrew Savvides is cited as being the Global President of the Bitcoin trading system. Robert Slattery is allegedly the Chief Business Advisor. There is also a whole list of people who are supposed to be the African Cryptocurrency Trading Mentors.

But if one tries to verify their existence outside of the Altcoin investment software’s landing page, one will not come across any authentic proof. There is no indication that their biographies and professional portfolios were not fabricated for the purpose of making the crypto robot appear as legit.

This is why online users are best recommended to proceed and get started with a proven to be genuine and trustworthy Bitcoin investment solution. A good choice would be the Crypto Code System by infamous investor Derrick Simmons. It can generate steady and consistent daily results.

Did You Know?

Companies that operate in the financial technology (Fintech) sphere usually work for the implementation of technology to the greater benefit of the end client. They could handle the delivery of different services, help apply new-generation trading software, procedures, business models, and investment apps or simply manage the monetary aspects of a given firm or individual. But it all falls under one and the same category!

Cryptocurrency Market Cannot Sustain The Promised Results

The daily results that are stated on the official website of the crypto exchange app cannot happen in reality. This is mainly due to the fact that the current cryptocurrency market is on a bearish trend which would not allow one to capitalize to achieve the promised earnings. The available data is just a marketing trick, used to draw in more clients.

Beware The Cryptocurrency Exchange Scam!

Bitdax Global System is not a crypto robot which also operates in the Forex market and functions as a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The identity of its entire founding team cannot be proven and there is also considerable evidence that its origins are ill-founded. All of the information regarding the company’s main spheres of activity is designed to be confusing and misleading on purpose so that clients do not know exactly what to expect.


Both a Software & Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Even though this crypto exchange app states that it is both a crypto robot and a cryptocurrency exchange platform at the same time, this is not so. Its services are not entirely transparent. It claims to offer opportunities for the different types of users to become either a Business Trader, a Business Builder, and a Business Affiliate (Rewards & Incentives).

But we did not manage to find substantial evidence that this is true. Most of the user testimonials have a negative tone and so do the professional crypto trading reviews. If people did not manage to get back the promised, then this means that there is something fishy and wrong about the services in general.

Bitdax Global System – Not Encompassing The Global Cryptocurrency Market!

Bitdax Global System is a scam crypto trading software. It is supposed to operate as a multi-level crypto robot and cryptocurrency exchange app but the reality is that it only seeks to acquire funds for its behind-the-curtain creators. Clients should not proceed to trust it lightly. There is nothing genuine about its platform. One should proceed with great caution and care. It is best to sign-up for the services of a more reliable and legit Bitcoin investment solution.

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