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BTC Prestige Review


BTC Prestige is a new automated trading software that has hit the market. The software focuses on bitcoin investments and claims to make the process hassle free for its users.

The creator of the software is unknown and since it is a completely new tool on the market, it was mandatory for us to conduct an investigation to confirm its legitimacy.

Our findings have been detailed in this comprehensive review of BTC Prestige. Anyone who wants to know more about it should read it till the end.

BTC Prestige Explained

This software attracted our attention for a number of wrong reasons. First of all, it is going viral in the online trading sphere, but there is no evidence to back up the claims it has been making.

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According to the anonymous entity that developed it, it is super accurate and reliable. It produces high quality trading signals that can convert into winning trades. We don’t find these claims appealing at all because we know it is a sign of something fishy going on.

In the world that we are living in currently, traders seem to be impressed with bitcoin. Definitely, there is enormous potential in bitcoin investments. But we don’t any reason why we should be putting our trust in BTC Prestige. This software lacks the qualities and characteristics of a viable investment solution.

Just by showing us images of expensive cars and luxurious lifestyles, the people operating behind this trading robot cannot win our trust. There is simply no evidence available that it has managed to produce favourable results. We don’t believe that this software can help traders meet their investment goals.

What is the Operational Process of BTC Prestige?

We really wished that this software worked like a reliable trading system and produced signals that can be helpful in executing successful trades. But it is quite disappointing to see that the signals it produces aren’t good enough.

When looking through their website and promo video, we cannot find any details of how it actually works. There are few references and nothing else that can highlight the operational mechanism of BTC Prestige.

They have mentioned that the software is programmed using advanced algorithms and technology. It is also mentioned that the software is capable of making accurate predictions all the time, regardless of the conditions in the market. It is not possible for any trading tool to make such precise predictions due to many reasons. Even the most expert traders or analysts in the world cannot be correct with their predictions all the time.


We have no reason to believe the claims that can be found all over their website. The reality is that BTC Prestige doesn’t perform well at all. It doesn’t have a high success rate and it certainly doesn’t have the potential to triple anyone’s investment.

The people who have introduced this software are simply looking for depositors for the brokers who pay them commission.

Good to Know:

BTC Prestige is not a free software as mentioned on their website. Unless traders make a deposit of $250, they won’t be able to use this software. So the actual cost of this fraudulent app is $250 and once the funds are added to the account, it will vanish leaving the traders with nothing.

How to Join?

It is not at all recommended to join BTC Prestige. But we would like to give traders information about what happens when they decide to opt for the system.

  1. Traders have to complete the sign up form on their website
  2. A broker is assigned automatically who then asks for a minimum deposit of $250.
  3. Traders get access to the software which they can use on auto-pilot mode.


Traders will lose their investment if they sign up for BTC Prestige. Reviews and feedback coming in from real traders suggest that these people are only after the investment capital. Anyone becoming a part of BTC Prestige will be making a grave mistake and this is the reason we don’t urge anyone to complete the steps required to join the app.

BTC Prestige Is a Proven Scam

We were able to spot many of their lies after watching their promo video. The purpose with which they have created the video is extremely clear. They are looking to trap people and make them open an account and add funds.

In their video, they have also demonstrated the performance of the software which is another lie. This trading system doesn’t work to such high accuracy levels and it doesn’t generate the kind of returns as shown to us.

We haven’t found any information on who created this software and the lack of transparency shows that it is a potentially dangerous scam. Traders should be aware that anonymity is a common trait that can be found in many scams. A good trading system will be transparent.

If you take a good look through their website, you will come across statements from famous personalities such as Rick Falkvinge and Bill Gates. Yes, they have made those statements and it applies to bitcoins only. Those statements have nothing to do with BTC Prestige. The comments have been used to gain trust and attract depositors.

Final Words

We don’t want traders to waste their time and funds in signing up for this bogus program. These people are not legitimate and their only aim is to fill their pockets by diverting traders to unscrupulous brokers. The signals produced aren’t reliable and the whole scheme is too shady to trust.

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