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Minimum 1st Deposit$250
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Number of Assets110+
Overall Score 9.9/10

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The HBSwiss software is a CFD investment robot that was released at the start of 2017. It was introduced by owner and creator Hans Berger. The system bears the Swiss stamp of quality and after it has been taken through thorough beta-testing and enhancements has been made available to the worldwide trading community.

Mr. Hans Berger is a professional and financier that got his education and practical financial experience among Swiss institutions.

Curious Fact:

Switzerland is famous for its bank secrecy and stability of the banking system, always catering to the needs of their clients.

Along with his lifelong friend and partner in this endeavor Bastian Hermann, they developed a system that allows an online autopilot investments in CFDs. They implemented the quantum physics expertise of Mr. Hermann into the development of the software. This led to it running faster than probably any other competitive CFD investment solution and have turned it into the preferred software for many global investors.

HbSwiss is not a scam and offers you the chance to place winning trades on the differences of asset prices without much effort. The review below covers more insights and details.

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Review Verdict: HB Swiss is Not a Scam
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HBSwiss – Scam or Genuine?

The software of Hans Berger offers a user-friendly interface that coats the sophisticated and complex algorithms that make it run. It has an encrypted environment ensuring the privacy of your personal information.

The selected brokers to be integrated for the CFD trading purposes of the software have been carefully selected to follow the most strict rules for safety and security, guaranteeing that your investment funds and profits will be inviolable. Capital is kept in segregated accounts and you will be asked to provide proof of identity each time you attempt at moving funds from and to your investment account. This is all done for the purposes of security and safety.

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The customer support provided is an additional sign that the company that maintains the software and Mr. Berger are interested in the well-being, success, and experience of their clients. This is a 100% transparent and ethical CFD investment solution you can sign up for without worrying it might be scam.

How Does the System Operate?

A CFD or in other words a Contract for Difference is a financial derivative that expresses the ability to trade on the movements of asset prices by making a ‘contract’ with the broker. There is no actual transfer of property of the underlying asset you trade on.

This makes CFD trading one of the most flexible and easy ways to participate in the financial markets. And even though the industry is complex, solutions like the HBSwiss software make the participation in it easier. You don’t have to be knowledgeable or experienced in the field, as the software is equipped with an autopilot feature. In other words, you can let it run on its own and generate results for you on full autopilot.

hbswiss dashboard

You can trade stocks, currency pair and currency values, and commodities just as any other investor out there. And you can do it on full autopilot.

3 Steps to Start Investments

As with any other online investment software, there is a three-step process between you and the trading. You need to follow these steps to them:

1. Fill Out the Form – on the official website is featured a sign-up form. After filling it out, you will be immediately given access to your investment account. At this point, it is going to be empty.

2. Make Deposit – the empty trading account needs to be funded by you so that you can have capital to invest with. The accepted minimum is 250€.

3. Start the Trading Process – you can either place investments on CFDs manually if you are confident in your abilities as a trader, or let the autopilot do everything in your stead.

This is an entirely browser-based trading solution for CFD investments and you can make investments right through your browser without having to install additional software. Enhancements and upgrades of the platform are carried out only when there is no trading activity.

After the financial amount have amassed, just submit a withdrawal request. The 24/7 customer support team will take through the whole process. They will also answer all of your questions and assist you to the best of their ability with all other concerns you might have.


The HBSwiss quality software for CFD investments is not a scam. It has been proven to be one of the best solutions provided in the industry and among the best of the latest releases. The license for it is 100% free of charge and you can take advantage of all of the provided opportunities. Look forward to achieve success with its verified performance and join the world of traders you thought was off limits. Until now.

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