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Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, Contact Form, E-mail
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Master Card, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express, Swift
Number of Assets20+
Overall Score9.4/10

As the competition in the online trading field becomes more fierce than ever, brokers need to enhance and improve their platforms constantly in order to gain a competitive advantage and attract investors. This is exactly what the eMarketsTrade broker has done with its platform. It has been improved and separated into two parts so that it can be suitable for a wider audience.

The professional team behind the broker has developed a sophisticated but user-friendly environment. It provides a carefully built interface for CFD trading for people at all levels of experience. For that reason, many have turned their eyes towards the opportunities of the eMarketsTrade broker. But there are those who still have their doubts about this broker because of the many scams they have encountered before.

The following review tries to provide sufficient information about the eMarketsTrade CFD trading broker. It gives insights into the platform and can explain why this broker is not a scam and is recommended all across the industry. Read further to learn more about it and the opportunities it can provide you with.

Is eMarketsTrade Reliable or Scam?

This is the most important question that should be answered first. The broker offers tight security and quality services. It is not a scam. Investors’ personal information is fully encrypted, their investment funds are kept in segregated accounts. As a client of the eMarketsTrade broker, you will be subjected to strict identification and anti-money laundering policies.

Review Verdict: eMarkets Trade is Not a Scam
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Some might think that they are made to go through rigid procedures but these strict rules are what keeps your CFD trading experience safe and secure. There won’t be any unauthorized fund movements, you will be asked to supply a proof of identity before you transfer capital to and from your account. All of this, along with the very positive response from people who are already participating in CFD trading with this broker show conclusively one thing – eMarketsTrade is not a scam.

Trading Platforms of eMarketsTrade

As mentioned above, the broker offers two independent platforms for making online investments. The main difference between them is that trading on one of them has been significantly simplified so that even beginners can trade with confidence. Regardless, both provide you with access to the global trading markets.


The platform utilizes the famous MetaTrader 4 to create the investment environment. It is a professional platform that is more suitable for people with more skills in the field.

Simplex Crypto

Suggested in its name, this platform has a more simplified interface. Additionally, on it, beginners can observe various signals and trading suggestions that can assist them in making an investment decision.

Regardless of the platform you choose, both are equipped with all necessary tools and features to help you achieve a fruitful and satisfying investment experience.

How to Get Started with eMarketsTrade?

Joining the broker does not require a lot of you:

  1. Complete the Registration Form – you need to provide your personal information in order to acquire an account.
  2. Fund Your Account – when you open your account, it is going to be empty. You need to make an initial deposit in order to have capital to use for making investments. The accepted minimum is 250€.
  3. Open the Platform – open the platform you prefer and start opening positions.

There is something more to the eMarketsTrade broker. Instead of depositing the minimum, you can also choose from one of 5 account tiers – from Bronze to Diamond Chain. These account tiers are equipped with additional features and capabilities that can further optimize your investments.

The deposit and withdrawal of funds happen through one of the accepted methods for making financial transactions. Both are carried out via the same method, so choose carefully the one that suits you best.

Additional Advantages of the Broker

The eMarketsTrade broker has a lot of additional qualities that have attracted the attention of international traders. Its user-friendly environment is leading, but there is more. With this broker, you gain access to an extensive training center that can equip you with all necessary tools and free resources that can increase your knowledge base.

As a client of the broker, you can also rely on their constant customer support service. Reach them 24/7 via the provided multiple channels of communication and address them with any question you might have. They will answer swiftly and in a professional manner.

The Importance of Features

Special features often enhance the trading experience and optimize investments. The eMarketsTrade brokerage is one of those platforms that realizes that. They have a lot of special advantages including a Social Trading feature. It allows you to follow and copy the trades and portfolios of other traders using the platform.

CFD Trading of Cryptocurrencies

With the eMarketsTrade broker, you can enjoy a fruitful participation on one of the fastest expanding markets – the one for cryptocurrency trading. This broker offers you the chance to trade and invest in the most popular cryptocurrencies with the help of the CFD financial derivative. This is clear evidence that the broker has made the effort to keep up with industry trends and to provide its clients with top quality services.

Review Verdict: eMarkets Trade is Not a Scam
Visit eMarkets Trade Official Website


Overview of the eMarketsTrade Broker

The world of CFD trading is rapidly expanding. And even though it is saturated with fraudulent platforms, both broker and robot, there are still reliable services you can sign up for. One of them is the eMarketsTrade broker. It is not a scam but an authentic and legitimate brokerage. You can begin trading on its platform with as little as 250€ as your starting capital and build your investment funds from there. Or you can choose one of the exclusively developed account types. Either way, you are bound to have a solid, stable, and secure investment experience with the eMarketsTrade CFD broker.

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