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Crypto Coin Crusher System – Crushing the CFD Markets or a Scam?

CryptoCoinCrusher System is a CFD trading robot whose founder Alex Riles claims to be a simple man that once worked for a high-end fashion store. He further states that he read an article on Forbes in April 2015 about the infamous Bitcoin pizzas which led him to try different income stream solutions.

Even though the story sounds plausible, there is not a single bit of truth in it. The creator never shows his face. All user testimonials featured on the official website are composed of stock images. The CFD trading software allegedly applies a simple approach to the crypto market and puts it ‘on steroids’.

Most of the genuine user reviews confirm that the average daily performance of the cryptocurrency exchange system is very poor. The stated accuracy rate is not authentic. It is way too high to even be considered legit.

Our best advice to online traders is to view the crypto trading solution as a scam. They should stay as far away from it as possible. They can choose to either Proceed to Safety OR Choose a Trusted Software from the following table.

Alex Riles & His Blitz Trading Approach

The creator of the Crypto Coin Crusher System has only been dealing with cryptocurrencies for two years. He used to work as a clerk for a popular clothes apparel before moving on to online work-from-home solutions which did not give positive daily results.

After coming across an article about the infamous Bitcoin pizzas, Alex Riles decided to change the direction of his passive income endeavors. He allegedly hired a team of three expert programmers and worked on the development of the algorithm for two years. The CFD trading software was then released to a Beta-trading group which had no knowledge or skills related to the Altcoin market.

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It gave such good results that he decided to make it available for free sign-up to a limited number of people. Our team examined each and every aspect of the story and came across reliable evidence that it is not true at all.

This is why we advise all users to refrain from investing with this CFD trading robot. It is most likely a scam. It is best to get started with a truly legit and genuine online Altcoin solution like the Crypto CFD Trader. It accumulates good daily and consistent daily earnings.

Interesting Fact:

The pizza story that Alex Riles was supposedly inspired by to create the crypto trading software is authentic, even though it is not cited correctly in the promotional video. The programmer that ordered the fast food was from the UK and not from Florida. The date when it happened (May 22nd, 2010) is now celebrated as the Bitcoin Value Day or the Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Nothing Authentic About Crypto Coin Crusher System

Our close inspection of the Altcoin trading solution proved that it is a scam. There is nothing legit or trustworthy about it. The actual founders of the CFD trading solution have close ties to dubious crypto broker and unregulated investment platforms.

There are no ‘military-grade servers’ that perform a constant market analysis. Just an abundance of fabricated trading reviews and stock photos. Even the tutorial videos are not a truly unique or useful special feature. It is best to avoid its services.

Proven All-in-One Trading Algorithm?

The founder of the scrypt mining solution claims in the ad clip for it that the CFD software promises financial freedom from the comfort of one’s home. The system’s computer codes protect the average user from the allegedly imminent 2nd Financial Crisis.


It delivers personal trading signals that are the result of the precise balancing of aggressive market analysis techniques, blitz trading principles, and exponentially-evaluated market data. None of this is true as the CFDb trading bot is not capable of issuing accurate asset price forecasts. It also uses fake testimonials and stock images in order to present a legit image.

Highly-Dubious & Unreliable!

Crypto Coin Crusher System is a dubious and possibly scam CFD trading software. It does not even operate on the actual Altcoin market. Users who sign-up for it face an imminent risk of accumulating losses.

One should do his or her best not to invest anything with the cryptocurrency exchange solution. There are far better investments robots available on the Internet for free registration. Traders should get started with one of them instead.

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