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Crypto Compared System – Authentic Cryptocurrency Tips or a Scam?

Crypto Compared System is a cryptocurrency investment robot which was allegedly started up by creator Evan Myers. The man claims to be a prosperous stock and shares trader who started directing his financial operations towards the current Bitcoin value in March 2011. He also started handling other digital exchanges as soon as their price began to rise.

The main problem with believing this story is that users are never provided with concrete evidence that he actually exists. There is no photo and an online investigation reveals that such a person never existed. One must think twice before proceeding to register with the crypto trading system.

Myers explains that the programming algorithm of the cryptocurrency exchange solution allegedly collects the so-called ‘tips’ from reliable ‘tipsters’ who have proven themselves in the past. As promising as this may sound, it does not sound serious, nor plausible at all.

Our best suggestion to online users would be to stay as far away from the crypto trading software as possible. It is most likely a scam. There are truly genuine and authentic cryptocurrency investment robots on the Internet. Traders can choose whether to Proceed to Top System OR Choose a Trusted Software from the following table.

Creator Evan Myers & His Preposterous Story

Founder Evan Myers was supposedly a high-frequency trader, who specialized in stocks and bonds. He still had a job after the World Financial Crisis of 2008 but discovered that cryptocurrencies were a far more lucrative investment field. In March 2011, he started engaging in Bitcoin trading, adding up more Altcoins as soon as he noticed that their value was rising.

He decided to quit the world of the big suits somewhere in early 2015. His attention would be dedicated entirely to the design and creation of a cryptocurrency exchange system that would help Evan and others capitalize on existing crypto trading trends.


Myers allegedly implements useful advice or ‘tips’, as the official website refers to them, from experienced crypto traders. The big problem is that it is never explained how exactly is this principle implemented into the programming algorithm of the cryptocurrency exchange robot.

Users will make the wiser choice if they turn to an already determined to be legit cryptocurrency investment solution. A good option is the Crypto CFD Trader System. It has been generating supreme daily results for thousands of users.

Did You Know?

Crypto Compared System allegedly utilizes several programming algorithms whose main task is to compare the tips with existing market data and single out only the repeating patterns. The information does sound believable but the principle is generally unreliable. It is never a good sign when a machine relies on human statements in order to determine short- and long-term asset price movements.

How the Crypto Robot Works in 3 Steps

Evan Myers states that the way that his cryptocurrency investment solution operates is very sophisticated. Whether or not this is true is still a matter of doubt. But we are going to provide users with data on the three supposedly simply steps it functions in accordance with.

They go on as follows:

  1. Step 1: Collection of Data – The algorithm begins to gather tips from sources. If many people are making one and the same Altcoin value forecast, then the information is forwarded to the upper level.

  2. Step 2: Comparison with Existing Patterns – The data is immediately correlated to preset price movements of that particular cryptocurrency. If it is in accordance with the patterns, then it will be sent to the next step.

  3. Step 3: Cross-Reference with Real Price Projections – Expert prognosis is compared with the tip and if there is no likelihood of it becoming reality, a yellow flag is placed against the name of the user who issued it. If there is a considerable chance of it coming true, then the tips are given to Evan Myers for final evaluation. He then decides whether to forward it to the end user or not. Email alerts will be sent to trader 1-3 times a week.

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Possible Yellow Flag Scam Alert!

There are insufficient pieces of evidence to confirm Crypto Compared System’s legit status. It should be, therefore, viewed as a potential scam. User feedback and trading reviews are still insufficient in order to regard it as reliable.

Not only this but the crypto trading solution is actually paid. Users must make a $37 payment if they wish to gain access to its signals and there is no assurance that they are actually accurate. Crypto Comparison System does not offer any unique special features or services in exchange for the monetary deposit.

Crypto Comparison System – Does Not Compare Well to Others!

Crypto Compared System is a possible sham crypto trading robot. It does not have a concrete algorithm principle and its creator just gathers random signals from different ‘tipsters’. Since the source of these alerts is not verifiable or established as authentic, it is best to ignore them. The Altcoin trading software is also paid. There are far better cryptocurrency exchange solutions on the Internet.

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