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February 2020

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What is Ripple?

As of 2017, there are more than 900 cryptocurrencies made available over the Internet. The leaders are still Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the largest blockchain networks. The Ripple, otherwise known as XRP, is steadily closing in on these two.

Even though there is still a large gap, the cryptocurrency marked a growth of 3,800% in the first half of 2017. It is fourth in the rankings when it comes to market capitalization. The Ripple blockchain has also been recognized as reliable by more than 60 financial institutions on a global scale.

With XRP, you can send, receive, and keep coins and any other currency over their network. This is an open-source exchange operating globally, that can be accessed by anyone. It is a real-time payment protocol for everything that holds value. It possesses a built-in distributed currency exchange.

Ripple certainly has similarities to Bitcoin but there are also many differences. You should never put an equal sign between the two. The most important thing to remember here is that Ripple is entirely different from Bitcoin. It is a back-end structure rather than a consumer-facing product.

Also, Ripple is currency agnostic as it has a foreign exchange component which is built into its protocol. It acts as a path-finding algorithm which reveals the shortest way for a dollar to become a pound, for example. In other words, Ripple’s protocol has been created to direct every transaction to the lowest price on the market at a certain point.

What is Ripple Trading?

Ripple trading can generate positive results for traders of all levels. Given the fact that this market field is considerably new, highly fragmented, and has huge spreads, the trading options are widely available. Ripple is now considered one of the leading competitors to Bitcoin.

Also, users are already able to trade this cryptocurrency with the help of a wide range of available trading platforms.


How to Choose the Best Ripple Auto Trading Robot?

As we have already noted, the market offers a great variety of available exchanges and brokers that users can choose from. Normally, you will experience some difficulties when searching for the best option, therefore we would like to provide you with some steps to follow:

Trading Platform

It is important the particular broker you have chosen to work with a powerful and professional trading platform because this is the tool you will use to trade Ripple. Some of the most reliable and successful brokers work with several trading platforms at the same time thus providing their clients with the ability to choose their most preferred option.

Customer Service

As you know, the crypto trading market is ongoing 24/7 which means that you should be able to rely on a trustworthy and effective customer support service. It should be available round the clock in order to provide you with guidance and assistance at any time. Finally, you should be able to get in touch with a company’s representative by using different contact forms.


The greater part of the online investors trade with several different assets. Some of them prefer stocks and commodities, while others are more inclined to deal with cryptocurrencies like Ripple. If a broker features a certain asset category, then it offers that asset (in this case Ripple).


Another useful advice we would like to provide you with is to work with a regulated brokers only. This is important due to the fact that the regulatory body has specific services and rules that can protect your funds as well as the integrity of the market.

Ripple, Bitcoin or Something Else Entirely?

One of the main difference between Ripple and most popular cryptocurrency is the way they are discovered. Bitcoin’s supply is based on trading, whereas Ripple applies an iterative process for reaching network consensus. This gives a slight advantage of XRP in terms of speed – transactions can be finalized in seconds. Unlike Bitcoins, XRP cannot be mined. There are 100 million Ripple coins that already exist and few are released each month.

Iterative Process

A way to reach certain results, in this case, the finalization of a transaction, through the repetition of analysis or operational cycles. Iteration means repetition. Trading is more time and cost-efficient.

Another significant difference is that Bitcoin is a digital currency, whereas Ripple is a transaction network that provides coins – the XRP digital currency. On the other hand, both are decentralized. The Bitcoin blockchain monitors the movements and transactions only of Bitcoins, whereas Ripple can monitor all types of information of value.

In any case, the XRP is a highly competitive cryptocurrency and the Ripple is a highly competitive network, so even if you are a Bitcoin person, you should definitely consider the opportunities with its alternatives.

Should You Invest in Ripple?

ripple cryptocurrencyAs it was just mentioned, Ripple and the XRP coins’ popularity is growing rapidly and exponentially. The nearly 4,000% growth in value in the first half or 2017 has propelled it to the top four cryptocurrency networks. It provides real-time encrypted global payments and has gained international trust.

Given the speed at which the value of Ripple coins is rising, it is worth your while to give it a thought whether to purchase them. Its value is expected to continue the rising trend as more and more institutions accept it as a payments gateway. The inclusion in trading portfolios of cryptocurrency will further strengthen its position.

There are various ways to purchase and sell XRP – the major cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerage houses. You can trade derivative financial contracts on their value without actually buying the coins.

What Will Happen to Ripple & XRP?

The cryptocurrency has been optimized for institutional usage in global transactions. It only takes around 4 seconds to complete one and hold this as a great advantage in front of the competition. Ripple is capable of handling 1,500 transactions per second, all getting set into the XRP Ledger.

All of this, along with how promising the currency is and its stable market capitalization, dictates that Ripple may be a good option for trading. Unlike its immediate competitors, the XRP is fairly affordable and when its price spikes again, and probably again due to the wider acceptance of the currency, the gains will be significant.

Of course, when you look at the cryptocurrency market, you should always remember that this is a highly volatile environment. But if you are ready to take the risk, you are due to reap rewards.

Success With Crypto Robots In a Few Steps

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