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Crypto Formula – Legit or Scam?

An Introduction

Designed by someone called Max Eaton, Crypto Formula is a new cryptocurrency trading program on the horizon.

The creator has issued several statements of considerable returns and promises of exceptional results. He promises to offer a high level of service to all the 100 members who sign up for the trading tool as beta testers.

But, there is very little information available about the actual origin of this software and the professional background of the developer.

When we performed an in-depth investigation, we did not get any fruitful findings or information that can confirm its legitimacy.

We believe that Crypto Formula is an unreliable trading tool and one that traders must refrain from using. Further details about our findings have been shared in this review. So read on to learn why we don’t recommend using Crypto Formula.

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Crypto Formula Explained

This trading system only appears to be genuine. In fact, the developer and his team have done a good job in trying to make it look authentic, but we must say that they have failed miserably in their attempt.

The claims and promises they have highlighted doesn’t make sense, considering the fact that this is a brand new trading system which has just entered the market recently. They want traders to believe that they can earn substantial returns by using the auto-pilot functionalities of the software.

But neither the performance, nor the results can be proven. This auto trading tool doesn’t even have the features to analyse the markets and make precise predictions. It isn’t powerful or accurate. The actual results don’t match with their claims. There are no real users who can verify that Crypto Formula works to produce the desired results. We can safely confirm that Crypto Code doesn’t have the characteristics and capabilities of helping its users meet their trading goals.

How Does Crypto Formula Work?

It was quite interesting to see how Crypto Formula actually works. Mainly, we wanted to find out the purpose with which it has been launched on the market. With our experience in this field, we can say that this piece of software only serves one purpose and that is to fill the pockets of the people who are behind its operation. In this case, they are the brokers and the affiliate marketers.

If you are thinking that you will be able to generate solid returns by using this trading system, then you are wrong. The software lacks all the features that can allow you to earn from it. The signals it produces aren’t reliable which means that executing trades based on those signals will only lead to losses.

The affiliate marketers of Crypto Formula are only trying to attract depositors for the broker. Basically, they get a commission when someone signs up through them and adds a deposit to their account. After this, the software executes a series of randomized trades and wipes out the funds completely from the account.

Did you know:

Unlike other systems that are available for free, Crypto Formula costs $37. This is a membership fee that must be paid in addition to the $250 deposit. By making it a paid investment program, the scammers have tried to make it look genuine, but the fact is that the membership covers the costs of marketing and commissions that are paid to the affiliate marketers.

What Makes Crypto Formula So Unreliable

There are a number of things about this trading tool that raises doubts about its legitimacy. First of all, the video presentation has been done in an unprofessional manner. It seems that the creators have either rushed into making it or it is simply the work of amateurs.

There is no prove available that it generates massive returns consistently. There are positive testimonials only on their website and nowhere else on the internet. Reviews and feedback published on independent forums and blogs suggest that it is not a trustworthy solution for investing in cryptocurrencies online.

The developer is not even a real person. He doesn’t have any company so we wonder how he became the CEO of Crypto Formula. The scammers behind this app have used stock image of a random young guy and given him a fake name to make him look like the real developer of the software. But this guy isn’t associated with the software in anyway.


There is no mention of the trading strategies, analytical tools and technical indicators used in the programming of this software. These people are only talking big, but they have nothing great to offer.

It is quite ridiculous of them to claim that the software can produce consistent returns on a daily basis. If their statements had any truth, then we would have come across real users who could verify the claims. But unfortunately, there is no one who has ever been satisfied by the results produced by Crypto Formula.

These criminals are running a scam that has only been designed to get to your investment capital. Once, they are successful, they will vanish into thin air and you will be left with loads of disappointment and guilt.


Crypto Formula claims of results which are impossible to achieve. This trading system is bogus and it doesn’t have any features that can change your life for the better. They have shown endorsements from major news websites, but the truth is that not even a single one of them has ever mentioned this app.

We also don’t recommend using it. You will be much better off without Crypto Formula. For a safer trading experience, sign up with a proven trading system that works only with regulated brokers from the industry.

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