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Crypto Nerdz System – Get Results The Noob Way Or Not?

Smart Crypto Robot Overview

Crypto Nerdz System is a shady cryptocurrency exchange app that was allegedly designed by the unknown programmer Chris Meres and his team of software experts. An exhaustive examination of the very few facts which he shares with the public reveals that his personality is entirely fictional. The man in the promotional video is nothing more than a nerdy-looking amateur actor.

While he does play the role convincingly, there are no substantial pieces of evidence, confirming that he is legit. But this is not even the most unconvincing thing about the crypto robot. What is more concerning is the fact that it does not provide any explanation about how exactly does it manage to deliver laser-sharp crypto asset price forecasts to users.

It probably does not allow clients to apply indicators and different types of analysis. The promotional video states that every user gets the same piece of Bitcoin investment suggestion. This means that everybody has to have one and the same profile settings.


Something about this cryptocurrency exchange program does not ring right. There are many fishy factors about it. All the facts point out the fact that it is a scam. The best choice for crypto traders is to Proceed to Safety OR Pick a Reliable Robot from the following table.

Chris What? Who Meres? Is This The Creator?

The official video of this crypto trading software is narrated by the alleged creator – Chris Meres. An in-depth investigation revealed that this is not the actual founder. This young man is a freelance actor who has the desired outlook of a nerdy computer specialist and the ability to talk in front of a camera.

He states that he is not a financier, nor a computer expert. Chris also claims that all the people who consider themselves sophisticated cryptocurrency investors are liars. His reasoning for this is that Altcoins are impossible to comprehend. But this statement comes out as very illogical being said by a person who allegedly designed a complex crypto trading tool.

Especially, considering the fact that Chris Meres has a very hard time explaining how exactly does the Altcoin investment bot actually work. There is also no explanation provided on the official website and the subsequent pages that the client ends up upon registration.

Our best suggestion to online users would be to get started with a truly reliable cryptocurrency exchange software. A good choice would be the Crypto Code System which has been generating consistent and steady results over the last couple of months. It has a solid number of special features and keeps up with all of the latest SSL standards.

Did You Know?

There are many different styles of crypto trading that one can choose from. Most of the actually resemble the types of investments that people make on the fiat currency, stock, commodity, and indices markets. Some of them include day trading (aims at achieving good results during the normal trading day), scalping (making very prompt investments), range trading (according to the current cryptocurrency price ratios), position trading (long-term operations), intra-day (takes place over the course of several days), etc.

Is There a 30K Crypto Challenge?

The promo video of this cryptocurrency investment software refuses to give a proper explanation of how the cryp[to robot works but he states that all users must make a minimum investment and participate in the so-called 30K Crypto Challenge. Everybody involved would have acquired the same type of earnings.

Our investigation confirmed that this is actually a different version of a very old scam which surfaces on the Internet under a variety of names that all cling the same. Since the cryptocurrency exchange program does not explain its means of functionality and does not allow its clients to apply technical indicators, MMS or specific strategies, we advise against registering for it.

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Shady & Devious Crypto Robot!

Crypto Nerdz System is most likely designed for inexperienced nerds who have absolutely no idea of how the cryptocurrency market, in particular, operates. There are way too many uncertainties about its operational mode for it to be recommended as legit. It is most likely a scam.

Online Bitcoin investors better stay away from it as it does not offer any unique special features and is way more likely to make one’s deposit disappear without a trace in the Internet space than to fruitfully make it grow into steady and consistent daily results. Most of the genuine user testimonials and crypto trading reviews have been dissatisfied and negative.

Users Are Smarter Than Crypto Nerdz System

Crypto Nerdz System is a scam cryptocurrency software which is just a recycled version of a very old trading solution which has tricked several thousands of users by re-appearing under different names every now and again.

Digital crypto traders should know better and stay smarter than this. It does not offer anything exclusive and they will not be able to apply even the most basic indicator during the investment process. It is best to turn to a more genuine, reliable, and legitimate Altcoin investment robot.

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