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Crypto Prophecy System – Good Market-Predicting Abilities Or A Scam?

Basic Digital Crypto Trading Product Overview

Crypto Prophecy System is a shady cryptocurrency control panel allegedly launched by a girl who calls herself Suzy and operates in social networks using the name Cryptogirl. She claims to have first invested in Altcoins in June 2017, getting started with a crypto-coin named Neo whose average value began rising rapidly in the next months.

Users have to purchase the crypto trading panel in order to stream the weekly training webinars that Cryptogirl hosts and to take advantage of her program. The latter can supposedly help one turn a couple of bucks into vast monetary quantities. It is unknown what the total amount of the initial deposit should be.

The cryptocurrency exchange program bears a closer resemblance to an educational and training platform that also offers online assistance, than to a digital investment app. This is one of the main reasons that make us doubt the legitimacy and authenticity of this crypto robot.


This is not one’s typical cryptocurrency exchange app. It does not work in an established way and users should proceed with great caution and attention to where they are placing their deposits at. They will be even better off if they view the Bitcoin investment solution as a scam.

Cryptogirl Suzy – Does She Even Exist?

Crypto Girl became a popular face at the end of 2017 when she started uploading her cryptocurrency-related videos on YouTube. Her Altcoin control panel offers four different guides every week. She refers to herself as simply Suzy in all of her materials.

Upon trying to verify her identity, the Internet came up with close to no results. Suzy does appear to have a social media profile but this does not prove anything. Lots of scammers open fake accounts in order to appear more legit and attract a heftier number of clients. This is an established practice.

So far, there have been no substantial pieces of evidence regarding the fact that Cryptogirl’s Altcoin investment guides feature any useful tips and strategies. The official website of the cryptocurrency exchange website does not feature any information regarding the actual operational process of the crypto robot.

Until there are some reliable facts which can determine beyond a doubt that Crypto Prophecy System is a legit and authentic software, all users should view it as shady. There are better crypto trading solutions on the web.

Did You Know?

The Bitcoin value is determined by a wide range of different factors, not only speculation. While the first digital currency is not a company, it does operate in a similar manner to distributed and decentralized corporations. It bears some similar characteristics to PayPal, online banking institutions, and official government treasuries. In fact, some cryptocurrencies are actually firms by definition. Ripple is a good example of this.

Nothing All That Much to Learn From The Crypto Robot

This cryptocurrency learning program is supposed to act as a digital education center which provides users with exact and accurate guidelines on a number of different topics. Its materials should cover how users can avoid crypto scams, invest favorably on the cryptocurrency market, and what the differences between the main Altcoins by market cap are.

In reality, Cryptogirl does not manage to supply traders with any piece of reliable or interesting content. Most of the stuff that she mentions is already available for free on the different cryptocurrency information portals. There is nothing unique about this type of advice.

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Crypto Girl’s System Is Unreliable & Shady!

Crypto Prophecy System is supposed to supply users with useful newsletter an all sorts of different tips that will guide them through the complex world of cryptocurrency trading. But her newsletters, webinars, and live vlogs are nothing impressive. Users, who have already taken a closer look at the said, certify that there are no new strategies in any of them.

The crypto trading software and its respective control panel are not licensed and regulated. Suzy is not a respectable figure in the cryptocurrency sphere and nobody knew anything about her until November 2017. It is best to avoid the Altcoin investment robot because it is most likely a sham.

Crypto Prophecy System Cannot Forecast Actual Market Movements!

Crypto Prophecy System is a scam crypto trading solution. It is not clear whether it applies any kind of algorithm or relies just on the advice and opinion of Cryptogirl and her cryptocurrency expertise. The truth is that Suzy has way too little experience to be considered a sophisticated trader who can give an objective view on Altcoin price movements. It is best to proceed and register with a more trustworthy Bitcoin investment solution.

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