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Crypto Revolt – This Trading App is Not Legit!

What is Crypto Revolt System?

Did you receive emails promoting the new digital currency trading app called the Crypto Revolt? Many traders have stumbled upon this program and are now wondering whether it is legit or not. Questions about the claims made by the developers of Crypto Revolt certainly raises doubts. If you also have questions or doubt, it is best that you read this review.

According to our investigation, Crypto Revolt is a lousy scam.

CryptoRevolt Explained

As soon as you land on their website, you will encounter a promo video and loads of statements promising easy wealth. They are claiming that you can earn thousands in returns on a daily basis just by spending about 20 minutes of your time on this program. They also claim that it carries zero risks and requires minimal effort on behalf of its users to see considerable returns.

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But the problem is that Crypto Revolt isn’t as transparent or honest as they pretend to be. We have done massive research and we can confirm that it is a failed program. It is simply not possible to achieve success rate of 99.4% in the online financial trading business. No software or robot can guarantee such results.

Crypto Revolt – Their Modus Operandi

How this software actually works may shock many of you. There is no doubt that bitcoin and other digital currencies have become interesting assets for eager investors. These assets offer investors the opportunity to generate substantial returns from their online investments. The markets for the major digital coins are growing and they may continue to blossom in years to come.


So this is the situation that Crypto Revolt is trying to take advantage of. They are trying to exploit new and innocent traders by giving them false hopes. They are trying to make you think that they have the right solution to your trading related problems. But honestly, instead of solving your problems, they will give you more trouble.

Read on to learn how…

First of all, this software which they claim to be free can only be accessed when you add $250 into your trading account. You will not be able to work with your own broker, but sign up with one that is assigned to you. The problem starts as soon as you register because the broker you will be dealing with in this case is neither licensed, nor regulated by any financial body.

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The funds you deposit will be visible in your account until you activate the software. This is where you will face more problems. You won’t be able to use the signals to execute successful trades. You will realize that the signals which are sent to you are randomized. They will result in losing trades only. You won’t be able to control how your funds are invested and within a very short period of time, your account will be depleted.

At this stage, you will be left wondering why and how it happened. The reason it happened is that the people operating Crypto Revolt are cunning and they are only after your investment capital. They receive a commission from the broker they assign to you after which they are not even bothered about you. Whatever funds you lose as a result of making bad trades are stolen by the broker.

Crypto Revolt Is a Dangerous Scam

There is nothing like a perfect investment solution. Anyone claiming to offer such a tool is definitely lying or has ill intentions. Crypto Revolt has many scamming factors and they are so evident that it wouldn’t be hard for you to guess that it is not the right trading tool for you.

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  • Firstly, if trading apps like Crypto Revolt could offer 99.4% accuracy, it would never be given away for free.
  • Secondly, they won’t have the need to use stock images for the purpose of their testimonials. If they were genuine, they would surely have real traders who would be happy to testify.
  • Thirdly, the recognitions and claims of awards are false. Neither CNN, nor TIME and Forbes has ever endorsed this app.
  • Next, there is no information on who is behind the development of Crypto Revolt. The team which operates this program is completely anonymous and therefore cannot be trusted.

Furthermore, the software isn’t genuine at all. it is a rehashed version of an old scam. We can confirm this information because we have come across numerous trading systems which had been duplicated from the same old scamming software. they have a lot in common and the information shared on their websites are also identical.

Final Thoughts

We don’t encourage you to sign up with CryptoRevolt and lose your investment funds. This software is a proven scam and therefore you should avoid using it at all costs.

There are better alternatives available for you to try out. They will not turn you into a trading master overnight, but they will give you decent returns for years to come.

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