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Minimum 1st Deposit$250
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Number of Assets50+
Overall Score9.2/10

Quick CFD Trading System Overview

Bitcoin Focus Group System is a multi-level trading platform which provides various genuine opportunities for users to invest in the Forex, CFD, and crypto market. This currency trading tool is presented by the Head Project Manager called David Kramer.

One of the main advantages of this cryptocurrency trading solution is the fact that it features lots of useful investment tools. Digital investors are free to engage in social trading, algorithmic trading, and take part in different Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

This is what actually categorizes the crypto trading system as being multi-level. Nearly every individual investor can find something for himself or herself if they register. One can also apply an extended number of strategies and technical indicators.

Our inquiry confirms that this cryptocurrency exchange software is legit and authentic. It has undertaken the strictest security measures and users can rest assured that their personal funds and data are stored in a safe and sound manner. Getting started with the CFD trading robot does not impose any risks, it can result only in good daily results.

Review Verdict: BitCoin Focus Group is Not a Scam
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Johnson & Rutger Focus Group Initiative

Chief Project Manager David Kramer states that the CFD investment tool is an initiative of the Johnson & Rutger Focus Group. We managed to confirm that this information is trustworthy and true. The Forex robot is expected to get an official certificate and stamp-of-approval pretty soon.

The Alpha-testing phase of this crypto robot begun in 2016 and the initial results were favorable and positive. Kramer and his team of programming and investment experts decided to expand the trial circle. This is how the CFD trading instrument was founded. After the current phase is completed, it will be released for an ICO.

Did You Know?

ICOs are usually companies or platforms that offer Altcoins and cryptocurrency exchanges at a discounted rate before the initial launch. They are very useful for users because this gives them the ability to purchase a given amount early on at a lower price and then sell them at a higher. People who managed to secure a couple of Bitcoins when the Bitcoin value was still flat are capitalizing on their smart investment at the current moment.

The Main Focus of the Bitcoin Focus Group System

Since this CFD trading software is a product of the Johnson & Rutger Focus Group, it is a homogenous platform that combines both exhaustive educational and learning materials with Algo-trading opportunities. Users gain access to lots of handy features and training guides in both video and written form.

At the same time, they are allowed to engage in investment operation in not one but three different markets – CFDs, Forex, and cryptocurrency exchange ones. The trading platform offers access to more than a 150 different assets from all the main categories and the top Altcoins.

Limited Number of Free Daily Spots

Digital investors who wish to get started with the CFD trading solution must keep in mind that the available free daily spots are limited to 25. This is due to the fact that it is a Beta-testing focus group of an ICO and so that all users are provided with equal fortuities to generate positive daily results.

The Forex robot’s sign-up procedure resembles that of any of the normal and legit crypto robots. Users get started by entering a couple of their basic details. They receive a confirmation letter in their private inboxes. Customers will find an attached link inside and must follow it.

It will lead them to a designated CFD broker’s page and there they can open an account by depositing $250. This is not a type of payment, merely just a way to fund their trading accounts. The said monetary investment can be withdrawn at any given moment.

There have been no reported troubles with the deposit and withdrawal procedures. The Forex broker platforms that the CFD investment system works with are also subject to official regulation and constant monitoring. Every process within the Forex software’s algorithm is safe and secure.

The shortest way to get started with the CFD trading tool is the following:

1. Register Free

2. Fund Trading Account

3. Invest & Generate Good Results

Results Verified by an International Agency – Legit CFD Robot!

We carefully examined each and every aspect of this CFD investment instrument’s operational process. The thing that sealed our legit verdict is the fact that all the user results are officially verified by an international regulatory agency. It also performs constant monitoring of the trading solution.

Bitcoin Focus Group System is an authentic and reliable Forex robot. It offers diverse junctures and circumstances for users to achieve positive and consistent daily results. It also applies some of the toughest SSL data encryption protocols. Users can safely proceed to sign-up for free with it. They are in for a truly rewarding trading experience.

Review Verdict: BitCoin Focus Group is Not a Scam
Visit BitCoin Focus Group Official Website


Positive Final Verdict

Bitcoin Focus Group System was released a couple of months ago. It is one of the top currently-available CFD investment instruments as it also allows one to trade on the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. Almost all of the existing genuine testimonials and professional trading reviews confirm its legit and trustworthy status. Users are allowed to relax and truly indulge in the trading process.

The ones that need to acquire more skills and do not feel confident enough to place trades on their own can take advantage of the finely-tuned auto-pilot. They can let the automated move invest on their behalf while they are expanding their investment horizons in the educational section.

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