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RobotFintech Limited
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Support TypesEmail, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsCredit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney, CashU
Number of Assets80+
Overall Score9.8/10

Full Review

FinTech Ltd. is a Forex robot which was established about a year and a half ago by prominent financial expert Daniel Roberts. The idea of designing and releasing such an investment solution first occurred to him while he was managing his software development company.

This online trading tool is probably one of the best available online trading solutions. It has an established high winning rate which is simply incredible. Users who may have different investment proficiency levels can utilize it to great success.

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Its auto-pilot mode enables even complete newcomers to take advantage and achieve maximum results. Daniel Roberts has made sure to regularly update and improve the operational process of the system. It can even be put to use by cryptocurrency trading users.

Our investigation did not manage to come up with any disturbing facts regarding FinTech Ltd’s performance. It is as authentic and legit as trading systems get and users who get started with it are prone to achieve consistent success.

Is Creator Daniel Roberts a Prominent Figure?

daniel robertsDaniel Roberts is actually quite a well-respected man. He is a financier who used to work for an investment company before acquiring enough monetary funds to establish his very own firm. It specialized in the field of developing financial analysis software.

While he was at work one day, he noticed that one of his top analysts – Ben was not performing very well and looked kind of depressed. He asked him what was wrong and it turned out that the said had unwillingly lost all of his family’s savings to an online trading scam.

Roberts immediately promoted Ben, who became the Head Analyst, and the idea of designing a reliable income-accumulating solution stuck to his head. He was not very familiar with crypto trading robots but he did, in fact, knew how a market analyzing algorithm had to function.

This is how the investment instrument came to be. The whole development process took more than two years. Alpha-testing was done by the team members themselves, while the current Beta-testing phase was made available to ordinary people.

Interesting Fact:

The name of the Forex robot comes from the term ‘financial technology’. This industry sector seeks to provide global businesses with time- and fund-saving technical solutions to any problems they might experience. Any kind of software that is capable of assessing a vast among of data in a very short time period.

How Does FinTech Ltd Operate?

This currency exchange robot might not deal with cryptocurrencies specifically but its operational process often exceeds them in performance and speed of the delivered results. FinTech Ltd features a highly-sophisticated programming algorithm in which are incorporated quite the expanded trading databases.

It takes into account previous market history, ongoing patterns, and past and present trends, calculates the likelihood of them affecting an asset’s price movements and then issues forecasts about it to the trader.

This online investment software features both an auto-pilot and manual mode which makes it perfectly suited for beginners and advanced users. The first group is provided with the opportunity to acquire both knowledge and profits and the second can tackle and dabble in the investment process, applying different techniques and strategies, a much as they wish to.

Is It a Scam or Fully Legit?

This investment tool has been operational for almost two years now and its functional process has nothing to do with the shady way in which other systems work. Our investigation did not manage to come across not even one dissatisfied or negative user comment and trading reviews about it. It is truly remarkable and completely legit.

Our final verdict about it would be that users can proceed to get started with it in a safe and secure manner. It also operates only with trustworthy and reliable partner platforms and is known for bringing quite the high trading results.

How to Sign Up?

This Forex trading system offers a wide variety of investment features that users can put to good use. Its registration process does not differ much from that of crypto trading solutions. Users can register by entering some of their best details into a sign-up form.

They will then receive a confirmation email which will redirect them to their trading account. Investors have to make a small deposit minimum of $250 via a partnering broker platform. The ones that the digital investment operates with are fully reliable and comply with the best-established SSL standards.

In short, one can register effortlessly by doing the following:

1. Free Sign-Up

2. Make Initial Deposit

3. Trade & Achieve Financial Prosperity

What are the Trading Special Features?

Just like any other virtual trading instrument, this Forex system also has a vast array of easily applicable and useful special features. They smooth out the investment process for the end user and literally make the payouts increase all by themselves.

The prime of them include:

  • Reverse Trading Option: When the trading robot notices that a trade might not be going exactly as was planned, it immediately places an investment in the opposite direction in order to counter the losses and achieve success for the user.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: The support staff is personally trained by Daniel Roberts and his team members in order to give them a more professional approach towards the trader. It is readily available around-the-clock and one can reach it from any point on the globe.

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  • Payouts by the Hour: Statistics show that thanks to the complex computer analysis, the average user achieves a high success ratio.
  • Easily Adjustable: Users are free to apply and implement any kind of strategy. They can also trade according to a mixture of the six different technical indicators and adjust the set risk levels. Some prefer to invest with a higher one, while others – with a lower.


FinTech Ltd. is an online trading robot which has lead to a small revolution in the digital market, turning trading into success and making it accessible to anyone. It is a top choice on the financial market. Many people have made investing with FinTEch Ltd. a successful trading experience.

The digital investment instrument is not only legit, authentic, and reliable but it can also help one learn new techniques and give him a chance to take advantage of new and profitable opportunities. Few are the Forex trading systems that have had such an incredible performance.

8 thoughts on “Fintech LTD”

  1. Daniel Roberts looks like a nice guy with serious experience and solid knowledge in the field of online investment business. I made the decision to try FinTech and see what the results will be. It has been 3 days since I started and the results are great. I hope they will continue to be that way.

  2. Greetings!

    FinTech Ltd. System has been around for such a long period that I cannot remember when exactly did I sign-up for it. It must have been several years ago. The natural passage of time did not have a negative effect on the performance of the CFD trading software. It has continued to generate solid daily results for me. Thanks to it I managed to get my life back on track. The best part about it is that it has a consistent daily accuracy rate. Its market forecasts are spot-on. The team also maintains a high quality of the provided services.

    I can recommend the Forex robot to both beginners and experienced traders!

  3. Hi there, did you know Fintech is the longest running legit platform for online investments of the next gen? I was surprised to learn that but after I started trading with it, I understand why it is so respected in the industry. Flawless execution, high accuracy, and the best customer support you can hope for. I have recommended it to my friends and family, so that we can all do something on the side…

  4. Can I deposit in pounds or euro, or it is strictly USD? I rly want to start but need to consider this first, thank you!

    1. Hi Scott,

      you can certainly deposit in other currencies like EUR or GBP. USD is usually used for all countries outside EU.

  5. I decided to opt for FinTech LTD system thanks to the info provided by your review. To be frank, it is quite detailed and it has all the needed data for me to make the final call. Now, i can say that the results delivered by the online investment solution are steady.

    1. Hello Van!
      Thank you very much! We are happy to help.
      If you have any questions – feel free to contact us.

  6. Fintech limited is a software that I have been using for more than a year. I am trading almost every day and it is more profitable than you can imagine!

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