What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Cryptocurrency exchange websites are virtual hot spots for the buying, selling or exchange of Bitcoins and Altcoins for fiat or other digital currencies. Any user that wishes to become a true crypto trading pro should do his or her best to pick one that offers solid special features, a wide variety of account types, and has a simple and straightforward interface that greatly eases investments.

Users should keep in mind that in order to do this they will be required to fill in a couple of their most basic details into a sign-up form. They will have to make sure to give an up-to-date and genuine telephone number and email.

Most Bitcoin brokers have good customer support. The trader will receive a confirmatory email in his or her private inbox. A Personal Account Manager will also get in touch with them in order to guide the user through the account set up process and help him customize the details.

The best way to come across a legit and authentic crypto investment platform is by keeping track of the most recent Altcoin news. Reading lots of software platform reviews will also help. Traders must carefully examine the details, specifics, and terms of a given cryptocurrency exchange platform before registering with it.

Did You Know?

Crypto miners and scrypt miners play a crucial role in the production of new crypto tokens. The only difference is when the cryptocurrency exchange app does not apply the blockchain ledger as its underlying technology. Such an example would be the Ripple coin. Upon its initial launch on the Internet, its founder announced that there are already 100 billion units generated by the algorithm. As Ripple price predictions continue to display a stable growth pattern, there are more than 38 billion tokens in circulation.

How to Analyze Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates?

Bitcoin and Altcoin prices are prone to major changes and shifts in the average value rates. This can be seen by most genuine Bitcoin price graphs, cryptocurrency charts, and cryptocurrency lists. Users will find them uploaded to any one of the legit cryptocurrency exchange websites.

Before proceeding to analyze Bitcoin exchange rates, users must first get familiarized with its value trends in the last couple of months, as well as the current Bitcoin price. Most people usually prefer candlestick charts as they are the easiest to decipher.

There are also two main methods for predicting crypto price trends. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Fundamental Analysis: Experienced crypto and Forex investors have probably applied the means of fundamental analysis on a regular basis in their day trading. Its underlying principle is that while the market may attribute an ‘inaccurate value’ to a given asset in the short term, without a view of which category it belongs to, the ‘accurate price’ will eventually prevail in the long run. Good results and subsequent earnings are accumulated with by the purchasing of a given asset whose price tag has been wrongly assigned and then waiting for the correct one to emerge and selling it. It can be said that fundamental analysis examines the underlying force behind a particular economy, financial institution or company.
  • Technical Analysis: This type of price-forecasting involves the in-depth study and regular viewing of cryptocurrency charts. It seeks to give a clearer view of future Bitcoin price graphs and cryptocurrency exchange rates’ movements, based on the preexisting value shift patterns. Information is thoroughly examined from the standpoint of market data, primary value rates, and volume.

Fun Fact:

The origins of the candlestick chart are Japanese. Such cryptocurrency charts are visual representations of the price movement of an Altcoin during a specified time period. They are most often short-term ones, typically involving a day in trading. Another peculiar thing about them is the fact that they are a mixture of bar-chart and line-chart. Every bar includes four crucial elements – the open and close price, as well as its high and low point. It was developed and designed by now infamous financial instruments rice trader Munehisa Homma.

Top Bitcoin Exchanges by Volume – The 4 Best Ones

Users who wish to engage in favorable Bitcoin exchange to USD must make sure to get started with one of the top available cryptocurrency exchange. Most legit and genuine ones also act as crypto wallets so there is no need to open one separately.

It is best to opt for one that features a wider list of available fiat and crypto assets as this would ensure that traders have a broader choice. This way they can cover and invest in several different currencies at the same time, thus encompassing more opportunities to generate financially fruitful results.

Digital investors should keep in mind that they must also keep track of recent Altcoin news and events. This will help them stay safe and sound from the market’s volatility proneness. But there are also different strategies that they can apply in order to counter occurrences, such as the cryptopocalypse one.

While there are lots of trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange apps that one can get started with online, users must always stay alert of Bitcoin scam ones. There are several different factors which they must carefully review before proceeding to register with one.

They are:

  • Security of Its Website & Servers;
  • Transaction Fee Structure & Average Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates;
  • Liquidity Levels;
  • Transparency of the Provide Coin, Transactions, Price, & Volume Data;
  • Currency Pairs Availability (Fiat & Digital Ones);
  • Payment & Transaction Methods;
  • Crypto Trading Reviews & Customer Satisfaction Levels;
  • Whether It Is Suitable for Both Beginners & Advanced Investors;

We have carefully examined the most popular digital exchanges according to the said principles. Below follows a short list of the top Bitcoin exchanges by volume. All of them allow users to also invest in other Altcoins.


Let’s dive into the cryptocurrency exchange broker:

  1. HighLow Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform: This crypto exchange app capitalizes on the sudden changes in asset price trends, hence – its name. The interface of the cryptocurrency exchange website was designed according to psychological studies of the effects of colors on human visual perception. This is why the graphics engineers emphasized on the opposition of dark and bright shades. Users can notice the different alerts, notifications, and asset price movements much faster and easier. Another great feature is the demo account and the education center where one can acquire higher skills and understanding of how to trade his or her favorite crypto assets to positive daily results.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms – Stellar Way to Trade Crypto!

Crypto brokers are often viewed and regarded as being more legitimate than crypto robots. While it is hard to draw such a harsh final verdict, cryptocurrency exchange platforms do involve a lesser degree of risk and clearer terms, agreements, and trading conditions.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer to invest in them. Certain precautions are always necessary and the appropriate attention should be dedicated to performing an online research about the scam or legit status of the given cryptocurrency exchange website.

Another good way to stay informed on the subject is to read a good amount of crypto trading reviews. Most of them are compiled on the basis of extensive hours of examining every characteristic of a given Bitcoin broker.

The most important thing to cryptocurrency investments on the web is never letting emotions get to one’s head and trading wisely!

Find the BEST Crypto Tool

Investment solutions get released every day. But that does not mean each is good for your trading ambitions. You need secure and proven to work platforms if you want good returns on your investments. We have found the best among the best and we strongly recommend them. Visit the industry leader if you are eager to start trading.


To start making investments, do the following:

1. Go to the Official Website of the Platform

2. Complete the Sign-up Process

3. Start Trading

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