What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency News Trends & Why to Keep Track Of Them?

When Satoshi Nakamoto first launched Bitcoin in 2009, there was barely anyone who had heard about it. Nearly a decade later, the situation is very different. Entire sections of leading media platforms have been dedicated to cryptocurrency news. There is a very good reason for this. Everybody is engaged in some form of Altcoin investments nowadays or is, at least, interested in doing so.

People wish to capitalize promptly on the current crypto coin trend and this is creating a chain reaction. If one decides to invest in cryptocurrencies, then he or she should know that following the latest Altcoin news is crucial to achieving positive daily results. Even the slightest Bitcoin price shift can have a profound effect and alter the list of cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Blockchain transactions comprise a vast online database of the distributed public ledgers. Any digital financial operations that are carried out between users are recorded but access to the is limited to the ones that have the private key for a given public address. This is one of the things that makes users prefer Altcoins over fiat currencies – the faster speed and the anonymity.

Having an idea of what is currently going on in the cryptocurrency market also gives a better perspective on the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. Crypto trading pros should do their best to find a couple of reliable Altcoin news websites and get daily updates on the most crucial events. The ideal case would be one where they get started with a cryptocurrency exchange app and receive alerts automatically.

Interesting Crypto Coin Fact:

Bitcoin is not owned by a single entity, a group of people or a corporation. Creator Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to launch a decentralized crypto token that would improve the way that financial transactions are carried out in the digital era. This is why the cryptocurrency has an open-source and peer-2-peer principle. It was released in 2009 but the initial concept for it was developed nearly three decades earlier.

Basic Tips About Analyzing Cryptocurrency Charts & Price Graphs

Following Altcoin news goes along with viewing a lot of cryptocurrency charts and graphs. Also, some websites do not offer proper analysis of a given event which has led to a shift in the Ripple price or Ethereum value. Traders must to this on their very own which can be a bit confusing at first.

But cryptocurrency lists and charts are not intended to be overcomplicated. Once the individual has learned how to identify the favorable trends, it will be extremely easy for him or her to read the said technical analysis. There is nothing all that much to it. The top way to understand how to do it is by experiencing it.

We have compiled a short list of useful tips that will help newcomers comprehend the basic ways to read cryptocurrency news and charts. Here they are:

  • Do Your Own Research, Don’t Just Follow Twitter Trends: Lots of false rumors are released on social media so users should be quite cautious when proceeding to place their trust in an online trend. It is not uncommon for speculative facts to surface on the digital space. Some of them might turn out to be true but the greater part of them is a scam. Devious individuals often release unsubstantiated claims in order to make more people invest in cryptocurrencies and lose while they generate good results.
  • Get Acquainted With Cryptocurrency Chart Fundamentals: Newcomers generally tend to fear technical analysis. Most deem it overrated or too complex to be properly comprehended by beginners but the truth is that once users get a hang of it, there is nothing all that scary. It allows for the quick and easy viewing and forecasting of crypto token price movements. Traders should start by learning what candlesticks, support and resistance levels, zones, and trend lines are.
  • Get Used to The High Volatility Rates & Learn To Exploit Them: Altcoins are not backed up by an asset, like fiat currencies are by gold, which suggests that they are prone to extreme price swings. This is nothing surprising to experienced crypto trading enthusiasts but newbies might be shocked at first. The truth is that this situation makes up for even more fruitful opportunities as one can invest in the possibility that a given crypto coin’s average price will drop.
  • Don’t Sell All Crypto Tokens in The Panic That The Average Price Will Go Down: Another commonly-made mistake is for one to sell all of the crypto coins that one has acquired through trading whenever he notices that the given digital currency’s price is going down. This is usually done to keep losses at a minimum level but the strategy is not always properly applied. Sometimes, it is best just to take a deep breath, turn off the computer, and stop thinking about investments for a while.
  • Better To Sell In Stages Than Everything In a Single Go: Many cryptocurrency investors make the common mistake of noticing that the average Altcoin price of the one they have in possession has gone up and they rush to sell everything that they have. This is wrong. One must expect everything in trading! Staying flexible is crucial. Users should try to keep close track of the important cryptocurrency news and if there is a tendency for the value to increase, even more, don’t put it all on the stand. Keep some for later too!
  • Emotional Crypto Trading Carries a Serious Risk: Any market is prone to serious fluctuations and this is valid even for the Forex ones. Investors have to live with the knowledge that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple prices have good days and bad days. Taking hasty decisions will not help one achieve the desired results. Quite the contrary, this might lead to considerable losses!


Never Put All Eggs In One Basket & Think Pocket-Smart!

It can be said that all Altcoins are revolutionary to some extent and they are in an ongoing state of evolution. The best strategy to capitalize on their popularity and increase in value is by purchasing crypto coins of different jacks. Even if the value of one of them starts to surge, then the user will have the others that will help him or her stay afloat.

For the sake of security, it is also good to store the different cryptocurrencies in separate crypto wallets. There is no Altcoin that has a guarantee that it will ‘survive’ the fight for official recognition. Traders should research which the best cryptocurrencies to invest are and they should disperse their attention on several instead of just one.

This is the best possible strategy. Another crucial thing to note is that the fact that a given crypto token has a sky-high value does not mean that it will not disappear in a year or two. It is always good to think pocket-friendly!

Always Keep Track Of The Cryptocurrency News In Order To Capitalize On Trends!

Understanding price charts and graphs is good but one will not be making a mistake if one decides to follow cryptocurrency news. This will not only give users a more transparent perspective of what to expect but it will also help them know what to do in the future. And the ability to accurately asses and forecast the prospects of price changes in crucial in trading.

It will also improve the odds of surviving an event, such as the January 2018 cryptopocalypse, with little to no losses. The best way to get the most important Altcoins news is to subscribe to one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms’ mailing lists.

Stay informed and be on top of the current cryptocurrency market trends!

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