What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Trading

With the rapidly changing condition of the market it is really difficult even for the best financial analysts to predict the most profitable trading field. Still, for the past several months, there is a tendency which definitely shows a winner among all the possible tradable assets. These are the different types of cryptocurrency.

Recent research shows that the price of this asset is constantly increasing therefore many regular traders make the decision to focus their efforts on this field. Many experts claim that cryptocurrency trading is the Forex of cryptocurrencies. It is also the easiest way to enter the Crypto World. This is because users need less than an hour to start trading. Maybe the greatest advantage of crypto trading over other methods of online investment is the fact that it is easy to leave. Traders just need to transfer their accumulated Bitcoins out of exchange and into their wallet. The spreads are also low (spread is the difference between the ask and bid price of the market maker).

  • Margin at Cryptoexchanges – This type of trading allows investors to use funding from peer-to-peer margin funding providers. So, you can borrow some buy/sell power and in return you will have to allocate some funds. These funds are called margin and it won’t be accessible until you manage to return the borrowed capital.
  • Leverage at Cryptoexchanges – when trading with cryptocurrencies this option is available, too. This type of investment is applied when users want to trade some amount they don’t actually have at their disposal. Usually, the commonly practiced leverage is 1:10 so for each $ you have, you will get $10 in buying power. On the one hand it is a good trading option because it is related to greater profits but to greater losses, as well.

Crypto Trading – Getting Started

To start dealing with this field, you will need a wallet. This will let you buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Most of the available online trading platforms offer a free wallet. It would be good for your balance if you do not keep all your Bitcoin at one place as this will minimize the risks for you.


1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges

As soon as you already own some Bitcoin you are ready to start trading from one cryptocurrency to another. In some available crypto robots the tradable pairs are fixed and you cannot change them so take a note about that before signing in any particular trading software. After opening an account in your preferred crypto robot or broker, you will have to transfer some Bitcoin from your wallet to your system account. You can also deposit normal currency amount but in this case the fees will be higher.

2. Cryptocurrency CFDs

This type of trading with cryptocurrency doesn’t require from traders to own any Bitcoin at all. In its core meaning, the crypto CFD is a contract between the buyer and the seller, where the seller will pay the difference between the current value of the cryptoasset and its value at end of the contract. Of course, by dealing with this type of trading traders will have some benefits. The most important one is that the majority of trading systems which offer CFD trading are regulated and 100% legit and reliable. In other words, your trading experience will be secured and safe.

The other great benefit is related to simplicity as usually people can trade with fiat currency and they also don’t need to have a wallet.

Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

Sadly, our mind is only able to follow a few market indicators at the same time while an automated trading platform can easily monitor all of them. In addition, if you manage to find a really professional and advanced crypto robot, you will easily increase the balance of your account.

Another great feature of this type of trading platforms is the fact that they are stored on external servers so investors do not have to sit in front of their PCs all the time. In addition, there are many fully automated crypto robots that are able to trade on your behalf and to earn profits for you constantly. Also, most of them are user-friendly and really easy to use even if you don’t have any former trading experience and financial knowledge.

Find the BEST Crypto Tool

Investment solutions get released every day. But that does not mean each is good for your trading ambitions. You need secure and proven to work platforms if you want good returns on your investments. We have found the best among the best and we strongly recommend them. Visit the industry leader if you are eager to start trading.


To start making investments, do the following:

1. Go to the Official Website of the Platform

2. Complete the Sign-up Process

3. Start Trading

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