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Digital Formula Investigation & Scam Review

The Basics Around Digital Formula

Digital Formula is an investment method offered by founder and creator Neil Carter. It is unclear whether this is a platform itself, or just a guidance system and a methodology for you to use in order to trade.

But this is not the only troubling thing we found out about this system. During our investigation, a number of other problems caught our attention. We compiled this review to present you with the results from our research and warn you to avoid signing up for this software.

To put it simply, we discovered that Digital Formula is a scam you should not purchase, if you want to spare yourself the loss of funds. Below you can discover additional details on the dangers it poses and why we consider it one of the most unreliable investment opportunities in the market.


Who is Neil Carter?

Apart from the creator of this system, there is not much to say about the expertise of Neil Carter. He became a Bitcoin millionaire by accident and got into cryptocurrencies in a very turbulent moment of his life. The dramatic story, though, does not provide us with any viable information about whether this man is trustworthy.

It is unclear what is his professional background. Nothing gives him the grounds to claim to have developed a ‘mouth-watering Cash Creating System’ as he himself refers to the Digital Formula.

People who try to divert attention from their persona are usually the result of scam artists trying to attach a soul to their products. Never trust a platform that is not transparent about its creators and background. We can recommend you a straightforward reliable solution with a clear background – the Crypto CFD Trader. In terms of safety and reliability, it is a much better alternative than this software by Neil Carter.

Scam Service or Not – What to Expect of the System?

When signing up for this system, you are promised to receive a methodology and guidance when to buy and sell, and what cryptocurrencies to aim for. Let’s mention it again – it is unknown whether you will be connected to a platform for trading or you will have to find another.

The Digital Formula has been conceived in a way that allows for people at every level of experience to be able to use it. It operates as a framework for cryptocurrency trading that supposedly exploits a loophole in the market. This is a claim that every other scam out there makes.

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This online trading solution has nothing good to offer. You are being misled into a sign-up that is not going to lead to success. A single look at the offer is enough to understand they have no proof of profitability, no way to prove the authenticity of the product, and most importantly – no explanation how their system actually works.

The Cost of the Scam

We strongly advise you against signing up for this software. Upon joining the Digital Formula scam, you will have to purchase some sort of digital product for a minimum of $17, before taxes. In other words, you will be paying for something you know nothing about. Something that has only promised you to generate $2,254 per day without efforts.

This whole fraudulent system is based only on misleading information and empty promises, alongside false claims. There are much better choices you can make, consider a different and proven to work alternative.

Overall Verdict & Final Warning

The Digital Formula is a scam system for trading the cryptocurrency markets. It is said to offer a risk-free experience, guidance when to sell and buy crypto assets, and what crypto assets to consider for your portfolio.

But in the world of cryptocurrency trading, such a thing as risk-free investments does not exist. It is quite volatile and you might lose a significant portion of your investment capital if you sign up for a system that cannot provide you with adequate assistance.

That is why, now that we have blacklisted this software, we urge you to consider a different alternative. One that can give you an adequate level of safety and security for your investment experience, and will not lead to painful losses.

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  1. This is a digital formula for failure. I got started several weeks ago and the first two days everything was fine. But then, the crypto trading software just began losing and losing until everything was gone. My account was empty and I started receiving calls to invest more. I decided that it was a true waste of time! Nasty scam.

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