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Digital Payday – How Does It Work?

Full Overview

Digital Payday is a product advertising solution that is currently available on the market. It has been allegedly created by a man called Daniel Bluth. During the promo video of the software, you will hear that it is now accepting 50 new members which should mean that all the users who are interested in this product, should hurry up to secure their spot.

This is a common practice used by online marketers to make people use their software. This is not a good sign as most of the companies that use this trick turn out as scams.

The interface of the online ad software is simple and easy to follow. It seems that many users are wondering what exactly this system offers and how it works. We also received many requests from our readers who want to get a full scam review in order to learn more details.

We investigated the solution and tried to get as much information as possible in order to analyze and evaluate its performance, legitimacy, and reliability. Read on to get all the interesting details related to the topic.

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What is Digital Payday?

Basically, this is a piece of online ads software that should be able to provide its members with the possibility to generate stable and consistent results. According to the information from the official video of the solution, ads have revolutionized the entire digital marketing world, and entire industries have grown around them. This is where the system comes in. It supposedly connects users to a little known, secret website that runs the entire digital ad process for you.

In addition, it is said that this site allows users to choose between ads or banners from existing, name brand companies such as Nike, Apple, etc. As a result, they should start generating positive results with a great ease. All they need to do is sign up, choose the ads they like and watch the success coming.

Who is Daniel Bluth?

This is the name of the alleged creator of this online ads system. He states that he created Digital Payday as a proof of concept that anyone, from all walks of life, from anywhere around the globe, can achieve incredible success by using his product.

Mr. Bluth is supposedly an entrepreneur, a self-made Internet successful businessman, and aquarium enthusiast. Apparently, he has tried and failed at a dozen or so ventures hoping to achieve a break-through. That is, until he discovered the secret behind Facebook and Google’s success, and that anyone can copy it. In fact, this is where the ads come. The Digital Payday creator has allegedly found a way to use them in order to start generating incredible returns.

None of this information can be proven or confirmed by any 3rd party source so we advise you not to trust it. You should better avoid dealing with this solution and find a legit and trustworthy way to achieve success. For example, you can check the QProfit System.


Fake Video Testimonials!

We checked the video testimonials that you can see from the promo video of the software. It turns out that the supposed successful members of the online ads software are hired actor but not real users. And this is strong evidence for the scam origin of the solution.

Digital Payday Is a Scam?

In our professional opinion, this online ads system is a dangerous scam. It cannot help you generate satisfying results, therefore, you should stay away from it. On the top of that, there is no information on how exactly this whole platform is supposed to work in order to help you get significant returns.

Not to mention the fact that the Internet space is full of negative feedback about this software and its real performance. Obviously, it is not as reliable and successful as promised.

To sum it up, we believe that our reader should follow our advice and stay away from this scam, otherwise, they will lose their investment.

Final Thoughts

Digital Payday is not one of the legit and reliable online solutions that you can use in order to generate positive results. On the contrary, it is a dangerous scam product that should be avoided at any cost. This is why we strongly advise you not to deal with it but to proceed to safety instead.

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