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Elite Entrepreneur Club Review

A Look at Elite Entrepreneur?

Developed as an automated trading app by some anonymous person, Elite Entrepreneur has failed to meet the trading expectations of its users.

The software is fully automated and executes trades on behalf of traders. But the results it produces is not satisfactory. Many people have complained about losing their investment capital by using this app.

It is crucial to have the right trading system when it comes to investing in crypto assets. The people behind Elite Entrepreneur promise exceptional results and returns, but their statements don’t make sense. The software is extremely suspicious and we doubt that it has the capacity to stand by its words.

Interesting Fact:

The best way to invest in cryptocurrencies is to buy CFDs on them. Contracts for Difference allows traders to obtain the difference between the opening price and the closing price of the asset without even owning the currency. There are brokers that offer CFD trading on cryptocurrency. However, it is crucial to choose carefully since just like trading systems, there are some brokers which are also fake.

The Inner Workings of Elite Entrepreneur

The developers of the app haven’t taken much initiative to provide details about its inner workings. Their presentation video doesn’t offer much value because it doesn’t consist of any details about how Elite Entrepreneur actually works.

When reviewing a trading system, we are interested in learning about its technologies and algorithms. We want to know which indicators it users to scan the markets and make predictions about the price movement of assets. We also want to which cryptocurrencies it invests and the brokers it operates with.

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In the case of Elite Entrepreneur, no such information is available on their website or promo video.

But, from our experience, we can assume that this trading app works just like any other malicious software. They enter the market with big promises and claims and connect traders with unregulated brokers. Their intention is to get as many depositors as possible for the broker so they can get their commission. Once funds are added to the account, the software makes losing trades and wipes out the entire trading account of its users. And if the traders still don’t realize by then that they have been scammed, the fraudsters may convince them to deposit even more funds.

What Makes Elite Entrepreneur A Scam?

There are numerous scam elements attached to this investment app. First of all, the people or person who has created this app has kept their identities hidden. There is no information provided about who developed it or who owns it. If the software was so successful, its creators would have surely taken credit for it.

Secondly, there are fake endorsements. We have seen testimonials on their website where people are claiming to have earned significantly from this app. We don’t believe it because feedback from the community is negative. ‘Real’ traders who have tried this app aren’t quite satisfied with its performance.


Then, there is the spot counter which is also fake. No matter how many times you refresh the page or enter different email addresses, the timer displays the same number. This clearly shows that the people behind Elite Entrepreneur are using pressure tactics to get people to sign up for this app quickly.

The claimed accuracy rate doesn’t match with the actual accuracy rate. Basically, the accuracy with which the software works is much lower than that is claimed on their website. The results are good enough and traders are more likely to lose their investment capital than gain anything out of it by using this app.

Final Words

We cannot recommend Elite Entrepreneur because it is a bogus app that has been created with malicious intent.

The software has failed to help traders reach their trading goals. Instead of providing a pleasant trading experience, traders are rather left disappointed and heartbroken after using it. We advise traders to stay away from this software at every cost.

Jamie Portiss

My name is Jamie Portiss. Let me tell a little bit more about myself. I am a Financial Analyst by profession. Having worked my entire life in the financial services sector, I have managed to build a solid investment portfolio. It all began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and right after graduating from university, I began working as a Junior Financial Analyst at a startup company, dealing with financial solutions. I want to bestow our know-how and understanding of the virtual markets (the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin trading, and Altcoin investment spheres, in particular) with users. All that it takes is to do it the right way!

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