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ETH Millionaire App – What is It?


ETH Millionaire App is called the recently launched cryptocurrency trading robot. It has been allegedly developed by a former broker called Stan Murphy. Although you will never see his face, you will hear a voice that is supposed to be his if you watch the promo clip of the software.

As all the other similar platforms on the market, this one also promises to deliver great results to all the people who decide to give it a chance and sign up for it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the online investment tool is legit, at all. Sadly, our initial research failed to find any substantial and relevant information regarding the real performance of the system.

It seems that currently, the new crypto robot is attracting the attention of the regular trader so we decided to fully inspect and analyze the available information regarding its features and special services. Read this scam review to get all the interesting details about this platform.

Who is Stan Murphy?

If you decide to play the promo video of the fresh crypto trading solution you will learn that Stan Murphy is supposedly a former broker for a large international bank who decided to make a change. So, he took what he had learned from the big multinational company and began to invest in himself. Soon enough, he allegedly created the ETH Millionaire App thanks to his knowledge and experience.


This story sounds really interesting and impressive, however, we couldn’t find any solid information about Mr. Murphy. The reason for this is really simple and it is that such a man doesn’t actually exist. This is a fake character made up by some anonymous scammers who are obviously trying to convince regular traders to invest in this dubious trading software. So, we advise you to be careful when you are dealing with it.

More About The ETH Millionaire App

Here, we would like to start by saying that cryptocurrency is generating quite the buzz amongst traders. Some people are able to generate significant results as the prices of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other Altcoins are continuously increasing. This means that many users will be able to achieve financial independence and all this thanks to the fact that they have found the right investment field.

The ETH Millionaire App is presented as a cutting-edge trading platform using technology loathed by financial institutions. Its algorithm and automated format are supposed to enable traders with the ability to generate significant results with no more than a few clicks per day. The crowd-sourced platform should also offer increased security and limits unnecessary fees imposed by banks.

Of course, none of the things mentioned above can be proved as real and legitimate. As of now, we consider this information as empty promises and that is it.

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ETH Millionaire App – a Scam or Not?

Yes, we are absolutely sure that the ETH Millionaire App is a scam but not a legit and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading robot. None of its supposed features is properly working. And this means that the software is not able to generate any positive results for you.

The other professional reviews on the system are negative, too. Also, we gathered some feedback from the web only to see that it was full of unsatisfied people who have lost all their invested sum.

To sum it up, we would like to war all our readers to stay away from this scam and to find a really trustworthy crypto trading tool instead. For instance, we would recommend the Crypto CFD Trader system.

Final Verdict

ETH Millionaire APP is the name of the newest scam trading system that has been released on the market. All the users who come across to it should know that it is dangerous and absolutely fraudulent. This is why no one should deal with it. Stay away from fake platforms like this one and only deal with proven-to-work solutions.

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