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ETHBot System – Authentic Crypto Trading Opportunity Or A Scam?

Cryptocurrency Investment Software Overview

ETHBot System is a newly-launched crypto trading software whose creators claim that it provides fruitful investment opportunities for the top 8 crypto-coins featured in the list of cryptocurrency by market cap. As much as we would like to positively confirm this information, it is not possible due to the lack of information regarding the founders and operational process of the crypto robot.

It is said that users can choose their own strategy or let the crypto trading software help. Available trading reviews and genuine testimonials that can be found on the Internet, however, confirm that this is not exactly so. Most of them have experienced great troubles when trying to opt for the allegedly speedy withdrawal procedure.

The cryptocurrency exchange app does not have any unique features. It simply allows one to apply six technical indicators but this is something which is offered by almost any Ethereum investment robot on the Internet. There is nothing spectacular about it.

Users who are considering to join it should stay wary and be very careful. There is a very high likelihood of the crypto trading software turning out to be a scam. It is best for one to consider either Proceeding to Safety OR Picking a Reliable Robot from the table below.

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Not Clear Who Launched The Crypto Robot

The official website of this cryptocurrency investment solution does not provide any useful information regarding the people behind the project. It does not even list them as experienced traders who have some kind of Altcoin know-how that they would like to share with users.

There is absolutely no mentioning of the creators. An in-depth investigation into the crypto trading solution reveals that they are most likely closely linked to an online scam organization. This is not the first algorithmic cryptocurrency trading robot that they have released on the Internet.

They have managed to release at least two or three similar Ethereum investment solution under different names. All of them utilize and apply the same trading software and they can be easily recognized because of it.

Our best suggestion to digital users is to avoid this crypto trading tool and get started with a more reliable Bitcoin trading system. One possible choice is the Crypto Code System by Derrick Simmons. The man is a skilled investor and the software is more than capable of acquiring good daily results.

Did You Know?

The programming language of Ethereum is called Solidity. It can be favorably applied for the issuing of smart contracts, the design and development of dapps, and the creation of other Altcoins. The second-largest market cap holder is also a favorite of many international banking institutions who regularly apply its blockchain ledger in order to improve internal processes.

Not A Cloud-Based Crypto Trading Bot

The FAQ section of the official website of ETHBot System describes the cryptocurrency investment software as applying a cloud-based platform. An inquiry into the matter revealed that its applied software does not differ much from the standard one for the industry.

It has the same special features. The allegedly deep-liquidity pools do not have a very low latency as is claimed on the cryptocurrency exchange website. Their pricing is also not as tight as one might have expected.

Scam Crypto Trading Bot To Be Avoided!

ETHBot System is a cryptocurrency exchange app that supposedly allows users to invest in the top available Altcoins, focusing primarily on Ethereum and its hard fork Ethereum Classic. The other crypto tokens that it invests in are Bitcoin, Ripple, LiteCoin, Monero, Augur, and Dash.

Users who are considering to join the Ethereum investment tool should keep in mind that not all of the presented trading opportunities are entirely legit and authentic. There is a very high chance of the crypto robot turning out to be a scam.


Deposit Is Higher Than The Usual!

The initial investment that is required in order for one to get started with this cryptocurrency investment software is 1 ETH which means that there is no concrete price. The value of the crypto-coin asset is constantly shifting but it has managed to maintain a good price, even after the events of the cryptopocalypse.

It is still the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. Which makes the deposit for ETHBot System higher than the industry standard of $250. Meaning that users do not only risk losing their hard-earned savings but will also deposit more in the beginning.

Consider The Alternatives!

ETHBot System is a scam cryptocurrency investment software. It does not actually invest in the Altcoin market which means that users cannot be certain where exactly are they placing their deposits. The crypto trading software does not offer any unique special features and there is absolutely nothing impressive about it. It is best for one to proceed and get started with a more reliable and legit crypto robot.

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