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Fibo Quantum – Is it a Scam?

An Introduction

Fibo Quantum has been released as a customized forex expert advisor which automatically generates signals from the markets. The forex indicator has been developed by Karl Dittmann and it uses algorithms to predict the direction of price movements. Traders who sign up for the software will receive alerts on a daily basis.

But the website has failed to provide information regarding its actual performance and accuracy rate. There is no mention or indication of its past performance that can help us gauge its actual success ratio.

Since we had our doubts about this signal generating software, we conducted a thorough investigation to establish its legitimacy. This review consists of details about Fibo Quantum, so read on to learn whether it is a reliable trading solution or not.

Fibo Quantum Explained

Fibo Quantum is a forex indicator which is available in download form. Traders can get access to the tool once they have completed the sign-up form and made a payment of $147. According to Karl, it is a profitable solution which combines state of the art algorithm and advanced Fibonacci technology.

He says that it took him several years to develop Fibo Quantum and now that it is completed, he is giving it away for just a small cost.

His explanations and our own findings don’t add up because we don’t find Fibo Quantum to be a safe or reliable signals solution.

There are no real users of this product who can confirm its accuracy. There is lack of transparency from Karl’s side and there is no evidence that his system works for the benefit of ordinary traders.

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How Does Fibo Quantum Work?

Karl Dittmann wants traders to believe that Fibo Quantum can help them know when it is the best time to open and close trades. The software will generate signals and send them to traders via their preferred means such as push notification alert, sound alert, email alert and SMS. New signals are generated whenever the software spots opportunities in the market.

Karl even says that traders don’t have to stick to their computers all day long to carry out analysis or make predictions. The software takes control of the market and sends alerts when it has identified a movement in price which could result in a profitable outcome. The software will provide instructions on when to open the position and when to close to generate returns.

But our investigation proves that this is not exactly how the software operates. This product is being sold through ClickBank and there is not a single person who can confirm that it works exceptionally well. The actual results and performance doesn’t match with the claims.

The software simply attracts traders by making bold and beautiful claims. It has a price tag attached to it and those who think that they can generate massive returns by using it will be required to pay a fee of $147 to get access to it. Once the payment is made, the software doesn’t do much to help its users generate returns from their forex investments. Dittmann and the affiliate marketers are no long responsible for how Fibo Quantum performs after they get commission. Traders are not even able to get their funds back because the money back guarantee is also fake just like the signals generating system.

Who is Karl Dittmann?

You will be surprised to learn that this Karl character doesn’t actually exist. He is fictitious and has been created out of imagination to make this product appear genuine. This name has been associated with many forex indicators and Expert Advisors. But the concern is that none of them have a proven success rate. They all turned out to be fraudulent.

Within the online trading community, Karl is known as a scammer and con-artist. Only experienced traders are aware of the fact that his trading systems and indicators don’t work. They are all hyped-up products which offer no value to traders. All of his systems are copies of each other.


What Makes Fibo Quantum Fake?

First of all, Karl is an infamous entity that is behind many fake trading systems and tools. It doesn’t look like he has any experience in trading, but he certainly has experience in deceiving traders by promoting fraudulent apps.

There are dozens of apps released under his name, but there is no information available on who is actually is. By telling us that his software generates signals with laser accuracy, he is trying to play god, but we know that this is not possible. It is not possible for anyone or any system to make accurate predictions all the time. If all the hype surrounding Fibo Quantum was true, this software would have been worth thousands. He has attached an affordable price tag to it so that he can lure more and more traders to sign up for it.

The signals generated by the software are not reliable because by now we have seen many negative comments and feedback coming in. Even their demo trading features don’t give an accurate indication of what the software is capable of doing when it generates signals in the live market conditions.

The Bottom Line

If you choose this forex indicator, you will simply be paying for a dream that cannot come true. There is no truth and honesty to what has been written on their official website. The statements, charts and information provided are misleading.

Put simply, Fibo Quantum is a bogus tool and it is not capable of generating reliable forex signals for traders. It is best to avoid using this trading indicator at all costs.

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