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Financial Sentiment System – Unified Market Positions Or A Scam?

Crypto Trading Software Quick Details

Financial Sentiment System is supposed to be an underground trading prediction software, designed and established by alleged early Bitcoin developer Daniel Wakanabi. The introductory video is narrated by cryptocurrency investment expert Noah Levy. An in-depth examination of both of these men’s identities reveals that they are nothing more than skillful scammers.

The truth is that they are just amateur actors, hired by a shady online organization which stands behind several devious investment systems. Its target audience is low- to middle-income people who may or may not have an idea of what Altcoins are.

Genuine testimonials, issued by traders who have already tested the services of this crypto robot, and professional investment reviews confirm that the Bitcoin solution cannot generate the promised daily results. It accumulates only losses.

It is best for online users to view it as a possible scam. If they wish to generate financially favorable earnings, they can choose between Proceeding to Safety OR Picking a Trusted Software from the following table. There are better crypto trading opportunities than the one at hand.

Daniel Wakanabi – An Early Bitcoin Developer?

Alleged creator Daniel Wakanabi is presented to the public as one of the early developers of Bitcoin’s blockchain technology. It is hilariously stated that he met and befriended Satoshi Nakamoto in a chess club nearly a decade ago. But if this were really true, then the two men’s paths must have intersected while Wakanabi was still a teenager which does not sound very plausible.

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It is also not explained how Daniel turned from programming and coding to professional investments. The narrator of the advertising clip Noah Levy states that he is one of the top Silicone Valley traders. But, in reality, he is nothing more than an amateur actor hired from a freelancing website.

Users are also familiarized with the programming team behind the crypto trading app, including Lead Programmer Jason Mitchell. But they too are nothing more than scammers. The house and yacht seen in the clip were also rented only for the filming of the clip and do not represent the actual headquarters behind the Bitcoin investment bot.

It is best for crypto traders to get started with a truly reliable cryptocurrency exchange app, like the Bitcoin Trader. They have better chances of securing a financially stable future via Altcoin investments with it than with the present software.

Did You Know?

One important thing to keep in mind is that all Bitcoin investment transactions are completely irreversible. Once a given user has sent units of the crypto-coin to another one’s Bitcoin wallet, there is no turning back. The brighter side of this is that traders cannot be double-charged when purchasing products and goods from an online store. Denying the received payments is also not possible.

Business Is Like A Canvas But The Picture Is Not Pretty!

This cryptocurrency investment app is supposed to present users with a unified market sentiment. Alleged founder Daniel Wakanabi states that the system is an underground trading prediction software and it has a good accuracy rate. The reality is that this is not true.

Financial Sentiment System also supports a cryptocurrency exchange platform called Stockbit. But neither is capable of generating favorable daily results. Wakanabi states that big business is like a canvas – it requires skills and understanding of the respective field. His crypto trading app, however, is definitely not a Bitcoin investment masterpiece.

Stockbit Crypto Trading Platform Is A Scam!

Financial Sentiment System which powers the Stockbit cryptocurrency exchange platform are total scams. They utilize fabricated testimonials and trading reviews in order to accumulate more interest on part of the crypto trading public. These are not legit means by which creators of trustworthy investment solutions advertise their services.


This cryptocurrency trading robot does not offer any unique or impressive special features. There is absolutely no reason for people to get started with the Bitcoin investment software. They should proceed to an authentic, regulated, and fully licensed crypto robot.

Algorithm Does Not Get Smarter With Time

The promo video of this crypto trading software states that it operates according to a self-learning principle. A closer look at the Stockbit platform, however, reveals that it is nothing more than a basic Algo-trading solution. Its capacity to provide users with genuine and precise market analysis does not improve with each passing day. It stays the same.

Financial Sentiment System – Poor Results & Unreliable Operations!

Financial Sentiment System is a scam cryptocurrency investment robot. It does not offer users anything that can be regarded as unique or life-changing. The crypto trading software is just a rehashed version of an old sham which surfaced about two years ago on the Internet, disappearing after a couple of months with the hard-earned savings of thousands of people.

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