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Minimum 1st Deposit$200
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard, Web Money, Yandex
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eToro is a newly-released Forex broker that rose to prominence early in 2017, thanks to its revolutionary special features and the fact that any person who gets started with it achieves stable trading results.etoro registration form

The currency trading platform operates with every main cryptocurrency. Users are free to choose whether they wish to work with Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero or Ripple. Another solid characteristic is that it also provides opportunities to trade in a wide range of investment spheres.

One can also carry out fruitful and prosperous financial operations with all four main asset categories on the Forex market and the high-frequency trading one. People consider this as a great advantage as they can diversify their investment portfolio and learn new strategies.

Our inquiry into the crypto broker did not come up with any negative facts. User testimonials and existing trading reviews reveal that the platform is legit and authentic. We highly recommend its offered services.

eToro Forex Broker Platforms

Among eToro crypto broker’s most impressive characteristics falls the fact that it features not one but 3 different trading platforms. Each and every one of them was designed specifically in order to address the individual needs of traders. Let’s take a more detailed look into their specifics:

  • eToro Webtrader Platform: It resembles a Forex investment platform but there are also some added variations and special bonuses to users. One such would be the fact that it features an interactive web chat which allows free conversations between users who wish to exchange experience and tips. The design is simplistic but beautiful and the conduct of trades is speedy and easy. All that one needs in order to utilize it is a stable Internet connection.
  • Brand New eToro Mobile Trading Platform: A lot of Forex broker platforms prefer to purchase an existing investment platform and adjust it according to their very own needs but the people behind eToro designed the mobile trading platform all on their own. Its visual graphics look stunning on smaller devices and it is compatible with every existing one, including tablets.

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  • eToro Openbook Platform: This is the investment platform that is intended for users who prefer to engage in social trading operations. It displays what the other traders are doing in real-time and allows one to choose whether he wishes to follow them or not. Users are enabled to acquire new skills while executing profitable trades.

Interesting Fact:

The letter ‘e’ in eToro Forex broker’s name stands not only to show that it deals with digital investments in a virtual surrounding but also to show that it is extremely ‘easy’ to place winning trades while utilizing the platform.

eToro Broker Platform Account Types

This Forex broker has something for every type of trader on the web. One can even allow himself to be a little bit demanding because the crypto mining platform features 5 different account types from which users can choose. We have provided a short description of their applied characteristics below:

  • Bronze Account Types (Open Account): Perfect for newcomers to the crypto exchange and Forex trading spheres and its initial deposit is just $1,000.
  • Silver Account Types: The initial investment sum is the same but it is best intended for people who have already acquired some trading knowledge and skills.
  • Gold Account Types: This trading account costs a little bit more to open – $10,000 but users can choose to advance towards it after they have already learned different strategies and technique.
  • VIP Account Type: The initial required deposit is $20,000 and it is recommended only to pro traders.
  • Islamic Account Types: People who live abiding the Sharia law but still have a passion for trading would love to learn that this account type was designed specifically for them.

Did You Know?

eToro also allows people, who wish to examine the way crypto trading and Forex investments work first before depositing any actual savings, to examine the opportunities and get accustomed to the operational process via registering for free with a Demo Account.

eToro Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Among the finer characteristics of this crypto exchange platform falls the fact that it features expedited withdrawals. The process is the same as with regular ones – users fill out a request form and apply proof of identification. Their earnings should be transferred in 48 hours. Deposit methods include credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, and a couple of the most popular e-Wallets.

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Is eToro Broker a Scam or Legit Platform?

Our investigation arrives at the logical conclusion that eToro is a legit and trustworthy broker platform that provides users with an increased number of opportunities to achieve trading success on the Forex and crypto trading markets.

The offered services are reliable and authentic and users can take advantage of a wide range of useful special features, such as an interactive Education Center, excellent customer support, visually appealing design, mobile app, and online chat.

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eToro Customer Support Care

It does not matter which country the user comes from because this BitCoin trading platform provides customer support in no less than 8 different languages. The service operates 24/7 and the care team members go through specific training in order to better address and comprehend the needs and problems of the individual. Feedback towards it has been great. Traders share in their user testimonials that the staff has been kind, friendly, and respectful.


eToro broker platform is one of the best available online investment instruments available currently on the Internet. It allows users not only to learn new skills and acquire a deeper understanding of the respective asset or trading field that they have chosen to operate in but also have the chance to do it while generating consistent results.

Special features are also crafted with the trader’s individual needs in mind and this goes on to show that the crypto trading platform is legit and genuine. The provided customer care is professional and the learning materials are more than impressive. Users can safely opt and complete the crypto broker’s secured sign-up procedure.

2 thoughts on “eToro”

  1. Forex trading is tricky when your broker is not reliable. But Etoro makes the best of the industry and provides it! I have been trading with them for half a year now, I made two withdrawals of significant amount for that time, and my account is constantly growing. Both because of my gained skills and the ability to follow and copy other of Etoro’s top investors. Their services are amazing and withdrawals take almost no time. Definitely one of the most ethical brokers I have come across.

  2. eToro is an amazing broker. I have been using it for 3 months and I am completely satisfied with the generated results. The main qualities of the platform are its responsiveness and user-friendly interface. I recommend it to everyone!

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