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Official Website URLwww.Orion Code.com
Support TypesEmail, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Master Card, American Express JCB, UnionPay Neteller
Number of Assets80+
Overall Score9.4/10

Full Review

All the people who are not only interested in online trading but in automated investing specifically, may find the Orion Code as an interesting platform. It is also perfectly suitable for regular traders who are just willing to find a legit way to improve their trading results on a regular basis.

orion code sign up formAccording to the results regular members of the robot generate, it is obvious that the software is really advanced and successful profit-amplifying solution. The product has been created by a popular and respected businessman called Edward Robinson. Some regular traders may know him with different nicknames such as “The Millionaire Trader” and “The Wall Street Wizard”.


Apparently even respected magazines like Forbes has published articles about him and his successful business. This means that all the people who are considering joining the Forex robot should feel safe to continue.

We would like to provide our readers with full review about this platform because we believe that it definitely deserves attention especially considering the fact that most of the regular traders experience troubles in finding a truly legit and authentic automated solution for placing winning trades.

Our team of financial experts and programmers remained really satisfied with all the gathered information regarding the performance of the robot. If you are interested in learning all the details about it continue reading the following scam research.

Review Verdict: Orion Code is Not a Scam
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What is The Orion Code?

Every passionate and dedicated online investor should know that dealing on the Forex market is maybe the most safe and secure online trading business as almost all the available platforms that offer such services are regulated and carefully inspected. As a result they are reputable and reliable so many traders choose to work with them and to achieve trading success online. The Orion Code is an automated Forex robot which is able to place a high percentage winning trades on your behalf. It is easy to use thanks to the user-friendly interface that has been implemented. So, all investors need to do is to register in the Forex robot and to activate their account with as little as $250. Then, you will be ready to start trading by choosing either the manual or the automated mode.

The system is web-based so you won’t need to install any additional files to your desktop or mobile device and this is yet another positive characteristic of the trading software.

According to the official information presented in the promo video, this is the 8th version of the software therefore for a limited period of time 20 new members will be accepted for free.

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How Does the Robot Work?

Mr. Robinson gathered a team of experts in various professional fields such as programming, trading and data analyzing. All of them managed to invent an automatic Forex trading robot that is able to analyze the market and its rapidly changing condition. Also the software literally scrapes other people’s or institutions’ trades and beat them by buying or selling before them. Not to mention that the calculation speed of the algorithm is near Orion where the name of the software comes from.

If you already seriously consider the possibility to sign up in this incredibly professional and advanced platform, you should act fast as the free spots are limited and they expire in no time.

Orion Code – Is It a Scam or Not?

We checked all the available data regarding the characteristics, the specifications, and the trading performance of this Forex robot in order to make our final conclusion. As a result, we can say that in our honest opinion the software is absolutely legit and authentic. Many ordinary people have managed to become successful investors thanks to this solution so we recommend it to all our readers.

We carefully read the available feedback from the Internet space and apparently everyone is satisfied with the delivered results. Orion Code offers not only perfect trading results, but safety and smooth withdrawals and these are the most important features for traders. Also, the other system reviews which are focused at the performance of the robot find it reliable and trustworthy.

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Finally, we also revealed that the customer support service of the platform is available round the clock. The team includes only highly educated and experienced data analysts and programmers. They are ready to do everything in their power to provide the members of the software with timely assistance and guidance.


The Orion Code is an exceptional auto-trading market solution which offers access to a very professional and highly-accurate trading process. This is why the number of current users of the platform is rapidly increasing. We would like to advise all our readers to take a careful look at the robot and to join it as you will remain satisfied with the delivered results.

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