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Green Tree Profits Review


Making investments over the internet can be a risky endeavour. This is because today, there are more fake trading tools available than legit ones.

Green Tree Profits which was released recently is an example of a bogus trading tool that everyone must keep clear of. The software is being promoted heavily on the internet and it is gaining the attention of global traders.

But, let us make this clear that Green Tree Profits cannot be relied on. We have compiled a detailed review to warn you against the dangers of using this trading software. Read on and learn why we don’t recommend this software at all.

Green Tree Profits Introduced

The makers of Green Tree Profits claim that they have developed a system that is capable of producing reliable signals. They say that their software scans the internet for high quality news which is then screened by their in-house experts before the signals are delivered to traders.

Basically, the signals will inform traders about what to trade and when to trade. The software will make predictions about the price movements and as per their claims, their prediction is accurate most of the time. So when you use the signals, you will execute winning trades which will help you generate massive returns.

The junk they are trying to feed people here is the same that has been used many times before. Their manipulation tactics have been used again and again by thieves who only intend to steal funds from innocent and unsuspecting trades.

We can say this for a fact because no one has ever achieved positive results by using the Green Tree Profits. In fact, no one has ever developed a system that can make accurate predictions all the time. The day someone does it for real, they won’t share it with anyone. So we wonder how these people are giving their ‘genius’ solution away for free.

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How Does It Operate?

These people only have interest in filling their pockets and therefore it is not surprising to see that they are working for themselves only and not for the public. They have created a website through which they are attracting depositors.

They haven’t revealed yet that they are affiliated with notorious brokers, but we know this is exactly how they work. If you sign up, they will connect you with shady brokers and ask you to deposit funds with them.

They are only after your deposit and once they get it, they will forget about you. They will not bother helping you out or assisting you with your trades. In fact, they will make you execute losing trades so your account can be wiped out without you realising that you have been scammed.

These crooks will not rest even after draining your account completely. They will contact you to add more funds. This cycle will continue until you give up and decide to make no more deposits.

Good to Know:

You may come across positive reviews about Green Tree Profits. But, you should not be tricked into believing that they are true because those sites are fake and they have been created for the purpose of making this scam look genuine.

Green Tree Profits: Scam Analysis

In this section, we have outlined our reasons why we believe that Green Tree Profits is a scam.

The first thing that we want you to notice is their testimonial section. Towards the bottom of the page, you will see a testimonial written by someone called Simon. R from Netherlands. We can confirm that this guy has never used this system before. The people running this scam have stolen his photograph from the internet for the purpose of the testimonial. We did a reverse image search on Google and we found that photo has actually been cropped out of a video that talks about how to write testimonials.

Another thing that we’d like to bring to your attention is the CNBC logo that has been used on their website. CNBC is a very popular news channel and these crooks have used their logo to make their bogus software look genuine. In reality, the news outlet has nothing to do with Green Tree Profits.


By now you would have also noticed that we haven’t mentioned anything about the developers of this app. Let us tell you that we have nothing to write about them because they are mysterious. The software has been created by unknown people. Or, we can say that it has been duplicated by unknown thieves.

If you thought Green Tree Profits was a free app, you need to think again. There is a deposit requirement of $250 before you can even gain access to the software. We would have encouraged you to use it if it was a working solution, but unfortunately it is a bogus system that will leave you empty handed.

The Bottom Line

You will be wasting your hard earned investment capital if you decide to use Green Tree Profits. The software is malicious and has already been blacklisted in many parts of the world.

You will be in safe hands if you opt for a reliable and working trading solution. The industry has many to offer, but it is crucial that you do your homework and choose a proven system for your investment needs.

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