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ICO Money Maker System – Is It A Cryptocurrency Scam Or Not?

Some Facts About ICO Money Maker

ICO Money Maker System is a shady cryptocurrency exchange app which allegedly acquires results to users on the basis of newly-launched Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for upcoming crypto-coins. The promotional video is presented by Tony Shaffer who also acts as the main creator and CEO behind the crypto robot.

The name of the cryptocurrency exchange website might ring familiar and this is mainly because it is an exact copy of another Altcoin investment scam that surfaced several months ago. Upon researching the personality of Shaffer, our team also managed to determine that he is nothing more than a hired actor.

This crypto trading solution is founded by the same people who are responsible for the above-mentioned sham. It is not to be trusted. Initial feedback and investment reviews confirm that the Bitcoin software is not capable of achieving reliable daily earnings. The sums that are mentioned in the advertising clip are only marketing bait.

Our exhaustive examination of it has revealed that there is close to nothing authentic about it. It might be new but it already looks like a scam. The only two choice left before the user is to either Proceed to Safety OR Pick a Trusted Software from the following table.

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Tony Shaffer & The Peculiar Case Of The Fake Identity

There is a very good reason why the creator of this cryptocurrency exchange system prefers to hide his face and appears only as a voice narrator. The truth is that Tony Shaffer does not exist in real life. He is most certainly not a skillful and experienced Altcoin investor.

Any freelance actor, hired from one of the many topical websites on the Internet, could have done the job. His entire background story is a well-scripted scenario whose only purpose is to sound believable and attract as many newcomers as is possible.

Even the single image that is claimed to be that of Tony Shaffer on the landing page of the crypto robot is downloaded from a stock image website. This is not the genuine person. Such a man cannot be found in real life. He does not have active social media profiles, nor is there any consistent proof that he exists.

The best piece of advice that we can give to online users is to turn to a proven to be legit and trustworthy Bitcoin investment solution. A good example of one would be the Crypto Code System. It gives consistent daily results and has received nothing but stellar trading reviews.

Good to Know:

Users should not be quick to place their funds and trust in upcoming ICOs. It is estimated that about 81% of them are total scams that have close to no remunerative potential. The whole purpose of such initiatives is to raise enough funds via the selling of crypto tokens at a discounted price so that the founders can design a proper Altcoins that has some value. But most of them fail to achieve any results or have any lasting effect on the cryptocurrency market.

Same Scam, Slightly-Changed Name

There are many people who lost all of their savings to a crypto trading app which was marketed under the name of Crypto Money Maker System. Does the name ring familiar? Well, it should. This is actually the same Bitcoin investment software as ICO Money Maker System.

If one pays close attention to the official cryptocurrency exchange websites, then one would notice that even the stock images are the same, only the names of the people have been altered. This is quite common in the Altcoin investment sphere.

Most scammers seek only to make quick earnings, after which their trading solution is taken down. If their first venture was financially rewarding, they release subsequent crypto robots that all bear similar characteristics. Newcomers have to learn to recognize them.

Recycled Scam Comes Back to Haunt Users!

This crypto trading app is nothing more than the usual cryptocurrency investment sham that has come back to capitalize on the lack of experience and naivety of online visitors. It does not have any unique special features. After a close and careful examination, we were capable of determining that this is not a viable opportunity. Just a re-hashed version of a shady software.


No Information About It Whatsoever

The thing that made us doubt the legitimacy of this crypto trading solution is that it refuses to give any information as to what type of programming algorithm does it utilize. There is also no data regarding the applied trading strategies and whether or not it has any special features at all to offer to its clients. Educational materials are also not mentioned.

ICO Money Maker System – Proven Scam to Stay Away From!

Ico Money Maker System is a scam crypto trading solution that does not have the ability to do anything for anyone. It is an old shady crypto robot whose design was changed a bit and it was launched under a slightly altered name. Nothing more. Make sure not to fall for its cheap marketing tactics and turn to a legit Bitcoin investment software!

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