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Is Crypto Cash for Beginners a Good Way Into the Industry?

Can Beginners Succeed with Crypto?

Edward Clark just introduced to the global community a brand new investment opportunity called Crypto Cash for Beginners. This is a thorough guiding system that generates signals on crypto assets. It has been based on the guidelines given to Clark by his high school friend Freddie Parker.

You can purchase the system online and rely on a 60-day guarantee to receive your funds back if you are not content with what you got. Of course, this does not include the potential losses of investment funds that might occur when you start trading.

The Crypto Cash for Beginners is still very new. Its quality and merits cannot be easily verified. That is why our advice, for now, is to avoid purchasing it. There is a high chance this is a scam system.

We would recommend you to consider the Crypto CFD Trader investment platform as a better alternative if you want to trade in the cryptocurrency industry. It has numerous advantages, including the fact that it is free-of-charge.


The Beginning of Crypto Cash for Beginners

Edward Clark actually has no financial background. He had no prior experience or knowledge of the industry when he first got involved with it. He does not even have a college degree. In fact, his life would have continued to be a complete and utter hell, if it has not been for Freddie Parker.

This is the story we get about this system. Parker is a trading professional who offered guidance and support for his old friend Edward. At this point, it was clear to our investigative team that this is just another sob story. Most scams out there come out with the exact same scripts to convince people that they can make it too.

Additional information about Freddie Parker has not been given. We have only the claims of Edward Clark that his guidelines are reliable. They are what made Clark into a supposedly successful trader.

What Does the System Include?

There are two main things using this software is going to give you:

1. Trading Guidelines & Tips – Edward Clark supposedly compiled an informational training guide for you to follow. It is said to feature resources for complete beginners and tips on how to optimize your trading.

2. Trading Signals & Alerts – as a client of the software, you will receive emails 2 or 3 times a week with the investment suggestions of Edward Clark. He will personally analyze the markets and advise you on your next trading decision.

Reports from users suggest that the educational materials are nothing special or helpful. All of the information is available completely for free on the web. In addition to that, they share that the generated signals are not very reliable for executing profitable trades.

In other words, all the claims made by the presenter of the system should be treated with doubt. You might be able to return your purchase, but you will not be able to restore your finances after the incurred losses.

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Is Crypto Cash for Beginners Scam or Worth it?

Everything points out to the fact this system is not reliable. You will have to pay a minimum of $37 to acquire resources of questionable quality. Do not forget that you will also not be able to recover your investments, just the payment for the system.

But this is not the single major problem it has. When you visit the website, the first thing you notice is that you are required to submit a name and email address. Nothing special about that. But the website lacks encryption and security protocols. This means that your personal information is at risk. It might get stolen and you will be flooded by unwanted spam emails.

All of this, combined with the fact that the identities of Edward Clark and Freddie Parker cannot be confirmed, made us blacklist the Crypto Cash for Beginners as scam.

Not a Good Way to Begin

The cryptocurrency industry is very volatile. Assets change their prices each minute. You have to be sure the tools you are using for trading are reliable and with a proven track record. We cannot promise you that about the Crypto Cash for Beginners scam system. Its creators are made-up, the quality of the available resources is not very good, and you will have to pay for them.

There are other proven-to-work systems operating in the industry. Our honest advice for you is to consider one of them. Signing up for this one is a risky thing to do. Proceed with caution!

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  1. Crypto Cash For Beginners serves only the benefit of scammers. There is nothing authentic about the way that this crypto trading solution works. It lost the entire deposit of a close friend of mine. He was wise enough not to use its services ever again. There are far better investment systems on the Internet. One just has to look for specific characteristics that they feature!

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