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Delta Tech – Is It a Scam?


Delta Tech which is also known as Delta App is a recently presented online investment solution. Its supposed creator is called Jake Hammel and you can see him in the promo video of the software. He says that the only way you can arrive there is by private invitation only, however, this isn’t true at all. Also, the platform is supposedly open for just 50 new members. Still, our research managed to prove that there is no actual limit on the available spots. This means that most likely, this system is a scam but not a legit trading solution.

During the promo video of the online trading robot, the man who claims to be Jake Hammel promises to change people’s life around thanks to the Delta App. The man also promises incredible daily results delivered on autopilot which is absolutely impossible. From our practice, we can guarantee that the stated results are absolutely fictional and unreal.

Our team decided to make sure that our readers will get access to a trustworthy and reliable scam review on the software. In other words, we fully investigated its characteristics and operational work. The results aren’t impressive at all. If you want to get more details keep reading the article to its very end.

More About Delta Tech Software

Jake Hammel, the alleged creator of the auto-trading solution is said to be a former NASA employee. In fact, this is how he presents himself in the promo clip of the software. Furthermore, he explains that back then his job was as a technical architect on the Delta Gps satellite program. So, he somehow managed to use this same GPS software in order to gather and analyze market data from around the globe. For the completion of this task, he supposedly got help from his childhood friend Zack.

From our point of view all this sounds as an interesting story, however, there is no proof that it is authentic and trustworthy. No one proves or shows something that could persuade us that this solution really works properly. All this makes us believe that users should better stay away from this product. It is not safe to sign up for it.

Operational Work of the Delta Tech Software

Here, we are going to show you the supposed principles that should be responsible for the results delivered by this trading system. Note, that none of the following information is proved as authentic and reliable.

By using GPS satellite connections, this auto-trading robot is supposed to make calculations 94/100ths of a second faster than the markets. This advantage should help it deliver great results to all its members on autopilot. Thanks to this rapid counter trade algorithm, Mr. Hammel says that his system will make sure that its members will receive a 100% protection against losses. In the worst case scenario, they will have one break even trade of 23 placed trades.

Delta Tech Is an Old Scam?

Our conducted research managed to prove that the Delta Tech system is a scam. Not only that, we also revealed that this is actually an old scam platform, that originally had the name Delta App. The scammers behind it didn’t even try to erase the old name from the promo video of the software, which is exactly the same, actually.

All the testimonials you see in the video are fabricated, and the supposed satisfied traders are actually hired actors. In fact, Jake Hammel is a paid actor, too. He is not the creator of this bogus software but a random guy who got paid to play his role in this theater.

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We also discovered that the Internet is full of negative users’ reports uploaded by former members of the scam product.

To sum it all up, the Delta Tech software is absolutely unreliable and fake trading platform. This is why all the people who are willing to deal with online trading, should stay away from it and find a really trustworthy solution. For instance, we would advise you to take a look at the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas.

Final Verdict

Delta Tech is actually an old scam that was just launched with a slightly changed name several months later. Its original brand is Delta App and it is not a legit online investment choice. We hope that you will read this scam review in time to save your funds from great losses.

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