What is Cryptocurrency?

List of Cryptocurrency by Market Cap – Which are the Most Remunerative Ones?

Trading cryptocurrencies has turned into a good and reliable secondary income stream for many online users. People, who otherwise have absolutely no idea of how cryptography works or what general economics are, have managed to exceed and build an impressive investment portfolio, thanks to digital crypto robots and cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

They have enabled the average Joe and Jane to achieve good daily results with little to no actual knowledge of how the crypto market operates. Bitcoin trading has become something so popular that it has surpassed the trend levels. Given the fact that the amount of coins which can be generated via its blockchain ledger is limited, users should also stay on the lookout for the next big thing in the Altcoin sphere.

All of the most popular and lucrative ones of them should be included in the official list of cryptocurrency by market cap. It can be found on one of the many cryptocurrency exchange websites. There are even some who are specifically dedicated to the studying of cryptocurrency charts.

It is not hard to read one at all. Most of them feature the name of the crypto-coin, its market cap for the last couple of hours, the circulation supply, the price change, a graph of the volatility rates, the average value, and its circulation volume for the last 24 hours.

Did You Know?

The total number of crypto exchanges at the time when this article was compiled is exactly 1594. More coins will most likely be added in hours as the Altcoin investment market is one of the most dynamic and volatile ones. Usually, creators of cryptocurrencies announce a fund-raising campaign several months or weeks before launching the tokens. This is the way that some people acquire a given amount of them early on.

How to Get Bitcoins? – The Easy & Simple Way

Most legit cryptocurrency exchange apps allow one to freely purchase and trade with the first digital coin. While its origins and founder are still cloaked by a veil of mystery, it holds the biggest crypto market capitalization. One can easily notice this by viewing a cryptocurrency chart app.

The average Bitcoin price is so high that the Ripple price in USD, for example, looks rather minuscule compared to it, even though it is placed at number three in the market cap list. One of the things which make such platforms so reliable is the fact that they usually operate with good and consistent cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Crypto robots and their partnering Bitcoin brokers also come in handy. The former are basically pieces of auto-trading software which offer two modes of operation and lots of special features. The latter is cryptocurrency exchange platforms with expanded Education Centers and Crypto Trading Academies.

It is best for newcomers to get started with an authentic crypto robot as it can do everything instead of them. There is no need for additional skills or a higher financial education. Users have enough time to learn and grow.

Cryptocurrency exchange brokers are best-suitable for people who already have some knowledge of how to operate with digital or fiat currencies. They offer varying account tiers, a smoothly-running interface, and satisfactory user experience. One can apply a wide range of strategies and indicators.


Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018

Following the Bitcoin price graph can be really fruitful for sophisticated investors but one should never put all of his or her apples in one basket. This is the whole point of trading – trying to encompass as many market sectors and crypto asset types.

The present market leader may be the most lucrative asset but if anyone has ever wondered how much is Bitcoin worth, then he or she should know that it is not easy to purchase one whole crypto token. Its value is extremely high and most users trade with a fraction of a single coin unit.

If one looks at the general Ripple price in USD, then one will know that one can purchase several. Ripple price predictions also show that it has accumulated a steady but slow growth pattern. This tendency is valid for almost all other Altcoins.

We will now examine the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 based on the official cryptocurrency by market cap:

  • Bitcoin Value (BTC): The first digital coin continues to hold strong positions. Some crypto mining and scrypt mining enthusiasts might have outgrown trading with it but it remains the most remunerative asset to have. A lot can be said and already has been done so about this cryptocurrency exchange. Its open-source peer-2-peer blockchain technology set the standard for upcoming Altcoins and changed the virtual and real-life financial sphere forever, changing the world’s perspective of viewing traditional payment systems.
  • Ethereum Value (ETH): Technological prodigy Vitalik Buterin is a fan of the fantasy genre and of many video games. The Altcoin mining platform is named after the hypothetical substance which fills every corner of the universe and lets the light shine through. What is even more unique, Ether’s blockchain ledger can be applied in many different areas outside of the crypto trading sphere. It is here to stay, improving the daily lives of people and the companies they work in without them even realizing it!
  • Ripple Value (XRP): The third place is reserved for Ripple. Users can generate earnings as ripe as an apple thanks to the fact that it can place and complete transactions is a time frame of 10-15 seconds. Lots of financial and banking organizations have already begun applying its underlying technology as it speeds up international financial transfers. The cryptocurrency may not have reached the levels of the preceding two leaders by market cap but it is on a constant positive trend. It does not implement a blockchain network, relying on a state-of-the-art general consensus ledger.

  • Bitcoin Cash Value (BCH): Beginning as a fork to cryptocurrency ruler Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and the people behind the crypto exchange project sought to solve the ongoing scalability problem of the former. They managed to successfully do this and the result was so good that it turned into a separate coin. The number of people who are operating with it is constantly growing.
  • LiteCoin Value (LTC; Ł): This Altcoin’s crypto tokens are referred to as Lites. It mimics the way that Bitcoin works in almost every possible way. Creator Charlie Lee used to work for Google but began designing the blockchain platform for LiteCoin in his free time. The rest, as some might put it, is history. Users like to trade LiteCoin because it is exactly like Bitcoin, only the price is more easy on the monthly budget.

Cryptocurrency Investments – Room for Growth & Financial Stability!

There is a very good reason why everybody was going ga-ga over cryptocurrencies in 2017. The list of cryptocurrency by market cap has not changed a lot since. The Altcoin leaders are the same but new digital exchange projects are launched every day in the dozens.

As we already mentioned, the cryptocurrency exchange sphere is prone to volatility and sudden changes. But it remains one of the most remunerative ways to help ends meet. Bitcoins and Altcoins came and managed to alter the financial sphere forever.

Every person has to come to terms with the fact that things will continue to develop at extremely rapid rates in the future as well. There is nothing else to do but learn to adapt and embrace the new crypto investment opportunities.

Find the BEST Crypto Tool

Investment solutions get released every day. But that does not mean each is good for your trading ambitions. You need secure and proven to work platforms if you want good returns on your investments. We have found the best among the best and we strongly recommend them. Visit the industry leader if you are eager to start trading.


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