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OptionRobot System – An Authentic Crypto Robot Or A Scam?

Quick Crypto Trading Software Overview

Option Robot System has been available for free sign-up on the Internet for some time now but the daily results it gives started declining somewhere at the end of 2017. It is no longer capable of providing users with the much needed reliable and authentic cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

The automated trading solution operates in the Forex and Altcoin markets using CFD investment instruments but it does not manage to do so to positive financial earnings. Users have certified that they have lost hefty sums because of its inability to asses possible asset price movements accurately.

Another discouraging fact is that the predominant tone of trading reviews has been negative. There is nothing to reassure clients that they are placing their trust and savings in a Bitcoin investment software that will keep them safe and sound.

We conducted our very own investigation into the origins of this CFD trading system and we were not very impressed with what we came across. It is most likely a scam to be avoided. There are far better crypto robots that users can opt for. They can choose to either Proceed to Safety OR Pick a Trusted Robot from the following table.


Who Are The Creators?

One of the things which signalize that this cryptocurrency exchange app is far from being legit is that it does not give any useful information as to who the founders are. They could be anyone, including experienced scammers. The only information, listed on the official website of the CFD trading solution, is that they are experienced investors.

But there is not a single piece of evidence to back this claim up. Quite the contrary, we have across serious proof that the people that stand behind this are also responsible for the release of another devious trading software shortly prior to the launch of this one.

It even has a similar name. Even if the actual creators are skilled traders, the landing page lists them as having operated mainly in the high-frequency investment and Forex fields. The said bears a very little resemblance to crypto trading which means that the opportunities the digital trading solution open up are not very fruitful.

Our best piece of advice to digital traders would be for them to turn to the services of a more reliable and truly legit cryptocurrency exchange website. One of the best choices is the QProfit System. It has a steady level of accumulated daily results and a sophisticated algorithm principle.

Did You Know?

The main difference between the Forex and the Bitcoin markets is the scale. The former is much larger, representing the biggest trading sphere on the planet. The latter is much smaller but has its own benefits – users can enter and exit a trade much easier. Transaction fees are also less costly and the sphere has room for even greater expansion as it awaits its official approval and regulation.

Free Cryptocurrency Investment Software But Not Quite

It is always disappointing when a CFD trading solution is not exactly honest to its clients. Not every investment procedure of Option Robot System is as transparent as the founders like to present it to online users. Let us take, for example, the allegedly free registration.

It is not actually costless as every client must make a ‘symbolic’ deposit of at least $250 just to get their account set-up. This is not the most lucrative offer that one can come across in the digital age. Testimonials and investment reviews confirm that some traders have not managed to get their earnings withdrawn. There have been a lot of complaints.

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Ringing The Cryptocurrency Trading Scam Alert!

Option Robot System is a sham crypto trading software. The people that stand behind it are already responsible for several other investment scams and anything that they are actively involved in should be examined in a detailed way in order to protect users from possible future losses. It has close to no interactive special features with which to impress clients. The customer support is also quite rude.

Partners With Unregulated Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Another good reason to avoid this dubious crypto trading solution is that it teams up with Bitcoin and Forex brokers that are far from being regulated. All of the approval stamps that appear on their websites are fabricated using Photoshop. The same is valid for the user testimonials on both the cryptocurrency exchange platforms and Option Robot System. All of them are stock images.

Option Robot System – Best To Opt For Another Trading Software!

Option Robot System is an unreliable CFD trading solution. It does not have the algorithm power and the technical capacity to carry out cryptocurrency investments with favorable daily results. A lot of people have lost their savings because of it. Users should stay constantly alert and do their best to avoid testing its services. Such an activity will not lead to anything financially positive.

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