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Primary Crypto Broker Platform Exposed


Online broker platforms like Primary Crypto are losing in the competition with assisting cryptocurrency trading systems. But there are still those who want to provide the same services. The question is can they bring legitimacy and authenticity to the table?

This new broker has tried to offer investors new and lucrative opportunities. Unfortunately, our team is not sure whether they have made it. We conducted an in-depth investigation into the platform to bring its aspects to your attention in detail.

The red flags discovered during the research led to the blacklisting of Primary Crypto as a scam. Maybe in the future, if they made the effort to improve the quality of their services, things will change. But for now, it is better to consider an alternative solution. Read our full review to learn more.

Alternative Solutions

As mentioned, online investment systems are the preferred choice for many investors, especially if they are newbies. The cryptocurrency trading industry is volatile and requires a reliable tool in order to make successful investments. The most recommended investment solution is the Crypto CFD Trader and you are advised to check it out.

About Primary Crypto – Basic Details

Basic details for a very basic brokerage, this is what we can share with you in the name of objectivity. They provide leveraged trading of crypto assets and the amount of leverage and margin depend on the account type you choose. There are 5 account types to choose from:

  • Mini Account – the required minimum deposit is up to 2 BTC*.
  • Silver Account – the required minimum deposit is up to 10 BTC.
  • Gold Account – the required minimum deposit is up to 20 BTC.
  • Diamond Account – the required minimum deposit is up to 45 BTC.
  • VIP Account – the required minimum deposit is more than 45 BTC.

*BTC is the ticker symbol of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. At the time this review was written, a single Bitcoin cost a little over $8k per single unit. In other words, the minimum deposit for the most basic account requires up to $16,000 initial investment capital. This is a lot of money and there is no adequate explanation as to why would you need so much to start trading.

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Reliable investment systems, platforms, and brokers accept a starting deposit of as little as $250. So that complete newbies, people with limited financial abilities, and skeptics feel safe and confident to start trading. Primary Crypto has not proven itself to be reliable in regard to asking for such a big initial deposit.

How Does Trading With it Happen?

The website of the brokerage platform promises you fast, simple, and even on-the-go trading. Unfortunately, its investment platform cannot be described as user-friendly. Also, there have been some sporadic reports about glitches and information lags on the Primary Crypto mobile application.

Our in-depth investigation revealed that the platform does not possess the capacity to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience in a safe environment.

Aren’t There at Least Some Features?

The only thing that can be considered an additional feature is the availability of an educational center. Unfortunately, the materials provided there are not up to par. They have compiled a very short glossary with no valuable information or one that can help you get a better understanding of how online cryptocurrency trading works.

If you are a complete novice, do not expect to receive proper help and an easy experience. You should expect any added value to your experience on the Primary Crypto platform.


Scam Signs & Contradictions

One of the first signs something is wrong with any given platform is the contradictory information. This brokerage has stated its account types require deposits in Bitcoin. But when you browse through their Terms & Conditions, you will notice they accept fiat currencies as a deposit as well.

It has also not been specified what is the minimum amount you can deposit in order to start trading. They only thing you can know for sure is that in whichever currency you deposit, in it you will be able to make withdrawals.

Given everything covered in the above review, it is only logical for this platform to be blacklisted. Primary Crypto is a scam, it provides no transparency, has no positive feedback, and it cannot add value for its customers. Choosing a better alternative is the smart thing to do.

Final Safety Warning

Trading on this platform is not going to be beneficial for the users. It cannot offer you profit-optimizing features or capabilities that can enhance your investment efforts and make them more efficient. You will be depositing funds into a black hole that cannot provide quality, safety, and authenticity. Simply because the Primary Crypto is a scam.

There is a significant amount of other systems and platforms that can offer you a much better experience. Check one of the safe and recommended platforms to make the most out of your trading efforts.

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