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Profits Everyday Review


Online trading can turn into a lucrative business, but it is not for everyone. Over the years, the trading industry has started getting flooded with fake trading systems, and unfortunately many people fall victims of such scams every now and then.

Despite the awareness and education, traders continue getting scammed in various ways. Profits Everyday is a new trading system that has been launched on the market. So is it a scam software that traders need to be weary of or is it a reliable solution that can change lives for the better?

In this review, we will take a detailed look into Profits Everyday. We will also highlight the facts about whether it is a trustworthy system or not.

Profits Everyday Explained

Profits Everyday is an online trading system that recently came into the market. The software is introduced and presented by Richard Banks who also claims to be its developer. In his promo video, he goes on to tell an ordinary person how he has managed to generate substantial returns from online investments with assistance from Profits Everday. He says that he has achieved massive success and now he is giving a handful of others the chance to become like him.

According to the claims, Profits Everyday is a reliable investment tool that assists traders during the trading process. The software offers assistance and support that is unmatched by any investment tool in the industry. But this is not the truth.

Profits Everyday is actually the work of fraudsters who steal from innocent traders at every opportunity they get. Through this trading system, they plan to attract newcomers and rookie traders.


The trading system doesn’t have the characteristics of a reliable or safe investment solution. It doesn’t have features that can help assist traders with their investment decisions. In fact, it has failed to meet the requirements of traders in many occasions.

How Does Profits Everyday Operate?

The software is affiliated with shady brokers and when you sign up for it, you will be forced to add funds to your newly created account. The people who promote the software receive a commission when someone deposits funds in their account.

Profits Everyday doesn’t work as it claims to work. Instead of providing trading assistance, it makes trading complicated for its users. Newcomers who don’t have any knowledge of trading will get caught in the loop and will end up losing their investment capital to the broker.

Good to Know:

If anyone has a trading system that can enhance the investment experience, they wouldn’t give it away for free, unless there are some hidden dangers or motives. It is important to use caution when choosing an investment tool because the majority of them that look genuine are actually fraudulent.

Profits Everyday: Is It A Scam?

The chance to generate solid returns from online investments may sound tempting, but you must be very cautious of people who use unethical marketing tactics to promote discredited trading systems.

Profits Everyday is the kind of software that will make you risk your hard earned capital. It will make you sign up with shady brokers who will steal your investment capital from you. At no place on their website you will come across the name of the broker you will be asked to join. They have kept the name hidden because if they reveal the name, you may consider staying away from them.

They have also mentioned that you will get free access. But honestly, you won’t be able to seek assistance from the trading system unless you add the broker of their choice and deposit funds in your account.

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It is also common for these kinds of scammers to write their own reviews and give their own feedback. All it takes for them is to create online accounts, use stock images of happy people and write few lines about how good the software is. If you take a look on their website, you will see some social media posts of traders. But, if you pay attention, you will see that they don’t have any likes on their posts and as you know this only happens when the profile is fake and they don’t have any real friends.

Now coming to Richard Banks. Is he really the creator and owner of Profits Everyday. He has performed extremely well in the promo video, but unfortunately he has nothing to do with this software. He is a hired actor who has been paid for the role of Richard Banks. In fact, he is a talented and experienced actor because we have seen him in many other videos promoting similar apps and trading systems.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to opt for Profits Everyday is just like putting your hand inside the mouth of an alligator and expecting it not to bite. There is no proof available which can suggest that it is not a scam. The system has basically been designed to steal from unsuspecting traders.

Our review suggests that no trader should sign up for this program under any circumstances. Anyone who does so will lose their capital and get loads of disappointment in return.

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