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Quantum Hybrid Trader – What is It?


There is a newly launched online investment platform on the market called Quantum Hybrid Trader. This is basically an automated trading solution that is now accessible by regular traders from all over the world. The alleged creator of the product is called Austin Morrison. He got some help from his close friend Richard.

We decided to watch the promo video of the system, however, we couldn’t see the creator as the clip was made in the design of a hidden voice-over. So, we further inspected the available sections of the website to find some more info about the creator of the software. Of course, our attempt was pointless. A very bad impression and the first red flag for us when it comes to legitimacy and authenticity of the software.

If you read the official information provided on the site of the trading robot you will see some bold promises of incredible success and consistent results that are granted to all the users of the system. Allegedly, the software has access to the Forex market, the stock exchange, and the cryptocurrency market. This doesn’t, however, mean that it can generate positive results for its members.

In the following scam review, we are going to provide you with all the interesting facts we managed to reveal and gather during our in-depth investigation. Read on to see why we advise you not to deal with this particular trading solution.

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First Look at The Quantum Hybrid Trader System

It has been stated that Mr. Morrison has combined his knowledge, experience, and proficiency with his friend Richard in order to make sure that the end result will be fascinating, powerful, and reliable. So, the men combined some high-tech innovation with conventional investment strategies. They claim that the result is definitely a winning combination.

According to the info from the official site, the automated trading platform combines big data analysis with a high-end framework. As a result, it is supposed to deliver unmatched performance. This should be also possible thanks to measuring and predicting complex market trends that cover a wide range of markets.

Finally, it is said that the software has been developed for several years and that now it is able to deliver a nearly flawless strike rate. Also, its automated trading mode makes sure that its users don’t need to have any knowledge or experience in the field of online trading.

Supposed Advantages of the Auto-Trading Software

  • Arbitrage Strategies – these trading strategies are supposedly offered for free to the traders by a team of over 500 developers and professional investors.
  • Easy Access – thanks to the simple interface of the platform. You can access it via Android, IOS, PC, MAC, etc.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service – a team of experts and dedicated people is supposed to provide the members of the software with guidance and help 24/7.

Unfortunately, we can’t say that our team remained satisfied with the performance of these features. They are pretty basic and not always responsive.


Quantum Hybrid Trader – Is It a Scam?

We have to say that we believe that Quantum Hybrid Trader is a scam, therefore, we want to warn our readers to stay away from it. It is dangerous to your pocket as all the stated features and advantages it supposedly has are fake and not properly working. If you sign up for it and invest your funds, you will most likely lose them.

We also checked the Internet space for some first-hand feedback. All the users’ testimonials we gathered were negative. The other reviews on the system are not satisfactory, either. This only proves that the system is fraudulent and scam.

To conclude, we would like to recommend a trading solution that has already proven itself as a reliable and legit platform. It is called Crypto CFD Trader and you should definitely consider joining it.

Final Thoughts

Quantum Hybrid Trader is the latest scam in the field of online trading solutions. It is absolutely fraudulent and unauthentic so all the users should stay away from it. Don’t even consider the option to try it otherwise you will lose all your invested funds.

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