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Rain Cloud Coin App – Does It Work Properly?

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Rain Cloud Coin App is the name of the next cryptocurrency trading software that we are going to present to your attention. The system is quite new to the market so the initial information about it is not as much as we hoped.

The fact that the robot has a very short online presentation doesn’t help us much in finding more data about it. The only thing it proves is that maybe the software is yet another scam that has been launched on the market.

Of course, there are some ‘solid’ statements about this system. It is presented as a user-friendly solution that offers free access to all new members as well as the trading assistance feature that is quite popular these days. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should have anything to do with the solution.


On the contrary, we believe that you should better proceed to safety and avoid the app as it is most likely a scam that cannot provide you with any positive results. If you want to learn more about it, read the whole scam review.

More About The Rain Cloud Coin App

There is no information about the software that could be considered relevant, important or trustworthy. We wanted to find some data on the implemented algorithms and trading strategies used by the system but we weren’t able to complete this task. In fact, it seems that the real purpose of Rain Cloud Coin is to make you deposit your savings with one of the shady brokers it works with. Yous should, therefore, be aware of the fact that the people who run this robot are paid by these brokers for referring new depositors, that’s how it works.

If you deposit any funds through Rain Cloud Coin and let the robot trade with it, you will quickly lose everything. And because the brokers are not regulated, nobody will be able to help you. This is due to the fact that no one would have the authority to return your lost funds from this dangerous scam.

An Anonymous Creator!

It’s very important for all the legit and reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms to have a clear creator that is known to the public. This means that if a system is really trustworthy, then its creator won’t be trying to hide his personality. Sadly, in this case, this is exactly the reality as you don’t have any clue on who stands behind this investment app.

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Rain Cloud Coin App Is a Scam!

We are positive that the Rain Cloud Coin App is a scam. There is no question about it and you can easily realize it yourself by just taking a quick look at the poor website of the software. We even think that there isn’t a real trading system, at all. This is only a blank page created by amateurs who only want to make inexperienced investors deposit their savings.

Still, we decided to search for some testimonials from former users of the platform. Apparently, the few people that have already tried it have lost all their deposits. The other reviews on the robots are negative, too.

Here, we would tell you about the Crypto CFD Trader system, because we believe that it is a really properly-working alternative for trading with cryptocurrencies.

Final Verdict

Rain Cloud Coin is one of the many scams out there, so we suggest that you quickly add it to your personal list of trading platforms that do not deserve trust. You should better stay away from them otherwise, you will only lose your trading balance. Also, remember that you will have to build a proper trading strategy before joining a crypto trading platform.

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