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Reading The Bitcoin Price Graph – A Simple Explanation

Users can easily inform themselves about the current Bitcoin price USD by visiting one of the major cryptocurrency exchange websites which usually feature every Bitcoin price chart since 2009. The first crypto coin to hit the digital markets altered the financial sphere greatly and keeping track of its value movements is much more crucial to one’s good results on the digital markets than doing so for any other crypto token.

Not that the price of Ethereum is not important. This article is not trying to say that one Altcoin is better than the other. But denying the fact that the first crypto coin influences the value of all others that came after it is simply unrealistic and absurd. It is also crucial to determining which the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 is.

Following the Bitcoin price live is the top way to see if there are any serious fluctuations going on in the Altcoin market. Digital traders should keep in mind that its value is not geographically-bound, meaning that there won’t be any major variations in the local Bitcoin price India and that in the UK.

Bitcoin is the undisputed cryptocurrency market leader, meaning that it has not been dethroned from the golden position since its original release. This tendency will most likely continue in the near future, as well. Or at least for the duration of the next couple of years.

This is mainly because of the fact that the Bitcoin supply is limited to a total of 22,000,000. The current circulation supply is about 17,000,000, meaning that getting a hold of a single unit via traditional methods, such as crypto mining, will only get harder and harder.

Random Bitcoin Mining Fact:

Up until the current moment, the finite amount of Bitcoins has been halved twice. The third halving is expected to occur somewhere in mid-2020. Official statistics have estimated that 12.5 units of the crypto coins are generated every time a block from the chain is mined. The average time for the conduct of the said operation is 10 minutes. This suggests that roughly 1,800 Bitcoins are produced on a daily basis.

Reading The Bitcoin Chart Live On The Cryptocurrency List

The most basic Bitcoin price graph is easy to read. It features several key elements which are its current market cap, price, volume in the past 24 hours, circulation supply, and any value changes that have occurred in the past day.

There are several extremely useful cryptocurrency exchange apps and websites that are updated automatically. Users can download them on their smart devices or view them via their individual web browser. It takes them a fraction of a single second to display the important shifts that have happened.

Historical snapshots can also be important is one wishes to try and predict Bitcoin price patterns over a given period of time or as a whole. Another important feature that most platforms that offer this service provider is the currency converter calculator.

It helps visitors figure out what the crypto-coin value is in their very own currency or compare the prices of two separate Altcoins. One does not need to memorize the differences, there are automated tools that do this for him. It resembles the function of the auto-pilot and manual mode of the legit and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

What Will Happen To Bitcoin Once The Supply Is Exhausted?

Many people worry that the first cryptocurrency will start losing momentum after all of the crypto coins have been mined for. But the situation is much more complicated than people might imagine. The infamous block No. 6,930,000 is expected to be mined for in 2140. Why so far in the future when the greater part of the tokens (roughly 99%) will be uncovered by the year 2032?

It is exactly at that time that the block subsidy is supposed to drop to a level that is a little bit under 1 BTC per mined block. About 20,670,000 of the crypto-coin will be in circulation, for the time being, leaving less than ¼ of a million to be up and ready for generation over the next century.

One of the possible Bitcoin price predictions is that its value will continue to rise, becoming even higher as the supply nears its complete exhaustion. This has led a lot of investment experts to draw a stark comparison between Bitcoin and its older asset brother – gold.

The former has already surpassed the price of the latter in dozens. The fixed amount of both (even though nobody knows exactly how much gold is hidden in the depths of our planet) suggests that banks will be forced to keep themselves in check and will not be let to freely and arbitrarily issue and disperse fiduciary media.

This speculation refers only to a possible future scenario in which Bitcoin is subject to official regulatory impositions. Let’s take a look at some other hypothetical but highly-likely to occur chain of events:

  • Possible Future Bitcoin Scenario #1 ‘The Evening Out Of Transaction Fees & Mining Costs’: One of the big questions that remain unanswered up to current moment is what is going to happen to crypto miners. Will they be driven away from paying hefty electricity bills in order to solve complex mathematical puzzles and generate more of the first crypto-coin? Or will a plausible solution be found somewhere in the future? The best-case scenario is that technology will advance to such a degree that mining chips will become less costly and more efficient. This will compensate the difference between transaction fees and mining costs. It will bring forth a new generation of crypto miners who will not have to pay such a big initial fee in order to begin solving a block from the chain.


  • Possible Future Bitcoin Scenario #2 ‘Satoshi Nakamoto Might Release His Share Of Bitcoin’: The person that holds the most units of the crypto-coin up until the current moment is alleged creator Satoshi Nakamoto. He is in possession of roughly 1,000,000 BTC. Even is his persona is actually just a pseudonym for a group of clever and skilled programmers, this could suggest that they are holding the number of tokens with a side thought. As the first cryptocurrency nears exhaustion, the said tokens could be released to the general public, satisfying the supply-and-demand levels.
  • Possible Future Bitcoin Scenario #3 ‘Bitcoin Will Have A Big Historical Value’: Much like with antique objects and artifacts, it is not impossible for Bitcoin to withhold a strong and consistent historical value. Meaning that the scarcer its supply becomes – the more will the average Bitcoin price increase. So maybe it is a good idea for people who have already acquired some units of the crypto-coin to hold on to them for a longer period of time.

Bitcoin Price Forecast – Staying On The Upward Trend!

Keeping close track of Bitcoin price graphs is mandatory for any person who wishes to keep his invested funds secure. Once users learn the hang of it, there is nothing that stands between them and the favorable daily results.

Another important thing to consider is that this activity might be too time-consuming for the average online investor who wants to reek in the results speedier. This is why our best piece of advice would be for them to check out the professional trading reviews available on the Internet.

They will give users a clearer perspective of which the legit and genuine cryptocurrency exchange app or platform. Clients can get started with one of them instead and let the auto-pilot trade on their behalf. This is the only way that they will have enough time to themselves and still be capable of generating enough to stay financially stable while investing in cryptocurrencies.

Find the BEST Crypto Tool

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