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Top Rated Ripple Brokers March 2020

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The Internet is home to more than a thousand different cryptocurrencies. Not everyone manages to make it to the top 5 Altcoins but Ripple managed to catch the interest and attention of crypto miners, scrypt miners, and crypto traders. In fact, its underlying technology is regarded as the most reliable variation of the piece of open-source software by more than 60 financial institutions in the world currently.

‘Why so?’ some might dare to ask. The answer is both simple and complicated. Bitcoin, for example, was developed with the most basic concept of serving as a distributed ledger for online payments and monetary transactions. The Ripple cryptocurrency was designed to serve as a remittance system, digital exchange, and a payment settling tool.

Its operational process is not powered by the revolutionary blockchain network, rather by the equally unique distributed consensus ledger. It applies an expanded grid of servers whose sole purpose is to validate digital transactions. The crypto tokens it offers users are called XRP.

XRP is actually the digital currency that people can trade with. It is the main tool which facilitates the prompt transfer of funds from one account to the other. How does this help the average person or financial institution?

Most banking organizations use the USD in order to swift between and convert one currency into the other. This exchange takes at least three days to complete for international transfers. Ripple XRP comes in handy because traders can convert their currency into the crypto token and then move forward in a matter of mere seconds.

Did You Know?

A great part of the functioning of the distributed consensus ledger that the cryptocurrency exchange applies is to act as an foreign exchange. This was specifically preprogrammed into the main algorithms and protocols of the digital payment system. The main purpose of the computer codes is to be a virtual pathfinder that has to direct the user to the lowest price on the market during a particular time frame.

How to Engage in Crypto Trading with Ripple?

XRP is the cryptocurrency token that symbolizes the transfer of value between different parties. The prime positive trait to this is the fact that the transaction approval and processing time does not exceed several seconds. This is one of the things which established Ripple as the third-largest digital exchange.

Its average price is just behind that of Ethereum and the Bitcoin value. The Altcoin relies on the proof-of-stake method in order to reward crypto miners for supporting the network. More than 100 billion XRPs were created and released on the Internet at the moment of the launch of the crypto payment system.

Fun Fact:

Not only this but it recently updated its smart contracts system, moving on to a new one called Escrow. This new feature enabled the company to grant itself 1 billion XRPs for additional expenses. It re-invests the leftover monetary sums back into the cryptocurrency exchange at the end of the month. Ripple executives had spent only 100 million, returning the other 900 million.

There is nothing hard about Ripple trading. Virtual crypto investors have to make sure that they have chosen the services of one of the truly legit and authentic crypto robots or Ripple brokers. This can easily be done via the reading of a considerable amount of crypto trading reviews.

The work does require some additional research and time but it is best to make sure that the currency exchange platform one has placed his trust and funds in truly deserves them. Once this problem is cleared out, there is nothing that stands between the end user and the good daily results.

How to Open a Crypto Trading Account with the Best Ripple Broker?

Scams are everywhere. The world wide web not only brought people closer together but it also enabled a whole group of dubious individuals to take advantage of the lack of experience of newbie cryptocurrency investors. It is important to keep several crucial things in mind when determining the scam or legit status of a crypto exchange broker.

The matter does not come just to a basic examining of the main features and characteristics of the cryptocurrency investment platform. It is often stated that the devil is in the details. Pay close attention to the presented Terms & Agreements, as well as to the deposit and withdrawal methods and conditions!

These alone can give users a more transparent and objective outlook on how the given cryptocurrency exchange broker is doing in the bigger picture. Let’s take a look at what else is important:

  • Good Asset Availability (More Than 100);
  • Works Properly on Every Device and Browser;
  • Good Crypto Investment Conditions;
  • Special Features That Are Unique & Easily Applicable in Day Trading;
  • Attentive Customer Care;
  • Reliable & Stable Provision of Investment Services;
  • Satisfactory Daily Results for the Users;
  • Opportunities to Learn & Grow As Ripple Traders;

Utilized Trading Platform

We cannot underline more the importance that the applied trading platform has for the outcome of a trade. It determines the speed of the execution of investments, thenumber of special features, as well as the general delivery and performance of the different services.

Another thing which is a great bonus is if the crypto trading platform is award-winning or the crypto broker itself has been recognized and is officially monitored by the respective authorities. The provision of learning opportunities is also good.

Crypto traders feel more confident when they know that they can practice in a demo account or can read an exhaustive educational article, engage in a live training session with an expert or watch an interactive video on the subject that interests them.

Customer Care Service

The more professionally-trained the customer support staff of a crypto investment broker is, the better and more comprehensively can it handle customer concerns. This is why it is best if the care service is at least bilingual and delivered in several languages.

Users will feel that no matter which country of the world they come from, they will be catered to. It is also crucial for the team to be able to understand exactly how the virtual exchange works in order to know what might trouble the traders.

Availability of Crypto Trading Assets

Legit and authentic Ripple brokers do not limit their asset availability to just one cryptocurrency. They allow the free interchanging between different currencies, even fiat ones. It would be safe to say that reliable crypto investment platforms feature more than 100 choices and may even exceed 200 in numbers.

Official Monitoring & Regulation

Digital currency brokers are not subject to international official regulation as there is no such authority yet. There are smaller organizations which are independent for every country. Trustworthy cryptocurrency investment platforms usually have stamps-of-approval issued by the said.


If the currency trading platform has won any important awards, this will also be visible from the official website. Any certifications, verifying that the crypto exchange app complies with the established SSL data encryption protocols, should also be present there.

How Do Bitcoin & Ripple Cryptocurrency Differ?

Every Altcoin that we know today exists because of the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. There is nobody who can dispute this. But they are not one and the same cryptocurrency. Differences might be slight in some cases and in others, they have close to nothing in common.

The latter is the present Bitcoin vs. Ripple scenario. The general Bitcoin supply is derived entirely out of trading, while that of the latter is based on an iterative network consensus. This means that all transactions are finalized via a repetition of operational or analytical processes.

It is thanks to the iteration that Ripple manages to provide crypto miners and scrypt miners with a transaction processing time which only takes a couple of seconds. Let’s take a look at the top three differences between Bitcoin and XRP:

  1. Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency in Itself, Whereas Ripple is a Transactions Platform Through Which the XRP Currency is Delivered.

  2. Bitcoin Monitors Financial Operations Only With Bitcoins, Ripple Can Do So for Every Cryptocurrency.

  3. Bitcoins are Mined For, XRPs are Readily Available.

Why Invest in Ripple XRP?

This cryptocurrency transaction network is new, fresh, and hot. It is the third most lucrative and financially favorable crypto asset and token that one can invest in. The popularity of the Ripple tokens has grown mountingly in the last year and a half.

Look at these reasons for engaging in XRP investments:

  • Real-Time & Fully Encrypted Global Monetary Transfer & Payment System Adopted by International Financial Institutions;
  • High Chances of Further Enhancing One’s Trading Portfolio;
  • Crypto Traders Can Get Good Daily Results Without Purchasing the Coins, Just Investing in Them;

The Future Before Ripple Cryptocurrency is Bright!

All expert prognosis show that the rise in the average Ripple token price is expected to continue. But even if this does not happen, users can still engage in safe and sound crypto trading with one of the legit and authentic Ripple brokers. They can keep their funds and earnings secure even in the event of a second cryptopocalypse.

The future is said to be bright before Ripple and the XRP cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency investors who are smart enough will know to get the apple while it’s ripe. This is how good and consistent daily results are reaped in the Altcoin sphere.

Succeed With a Safe Crypto Broker

Even among the best brokers, there are those that shine brighter than the rest. After years in the industry and endless hours of efforts, we have discovered the top crypto brokers. You can see them in our comparison tables and learn more about them, or directly visit the industry leader!

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