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Ripple Code System – Authentic Trading Solution or a Scam?

Quick Overview of the CFD Trading Robot

Ripple Code System is a CFD trading software which also operates on the cryptocurrency market. It was allegedly established by a guy going under the name of James White who sends personal invitations to a limited number of people. His supposed wish is for them to Beta-test his crypto trading software and provide feedback on the performance.

An online research into the creator’s personality reveals that he is not real. This is why he never appears in the promotional video. The utilized images are actually taken from another CFD investment system’s landing page. They are stolen. Everything about this crypto robot is fictitious.

Its daily accuracy rate and expected results are way too high to be authentic. Users should not fall into the trap. The stamps-of-approval present on the official website are also not genuine ones, issued by the responsible monitoring organizations.

This is one of the scam crypto robots. It does not even operate on the actual Altcoin market. Users better avoid its services. They can check out the list of Recommended Crypto Systems if they wish to get started with a truly legit investment solution.

James White & The White Shams

This cryptocurrency trading app appeared several months after the launch of the authentic CFD trading software. The people that stand behind the sham have done close to nothing to make it appear original. There are two factors that managed to give them away – the supposed founder and the user interface.

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Both of them have been directly copied from the original crypto trading system. Close to nothing. Only the expected daily results and signals accuracy rate vary. James White is presented as a software developer turned successful investor, who later CFD trading system founder. Which is exactly the same story described in the original landing page of the imitated currency exchange software.

It is best for online investors to avoid this visibly concocted currency mining tool. They will be presented with far better conditions to achieve their desired trading goals if they sign-up for free with the Ethereum Code System. The CFD trading robot provides access to lots of useful special features and generates consistent results.

Did You Know?

Many devious scrypt mining solutions which present themselves as legit and authentic CFD investment systems copy information from a more successful currency trading software. This practice is not an uncommon thing in the digital industry. Users have to keep in mind that proper research is required if they wish to get favorable results.

Concept Taken From Not One But Two Crypto Robots

The introductory video of the CFD investment bot states that there is an exclusive ‘Ripple Millionaire Club’ which users become a part of when they sign-up. This is actually taken from a different crypto mining solution.

The data proves that the Ripple Code System based its entire concept on the operational process and unique features of not one but two currency trading robots. It is not to be trusted easily. Users will be better off if they avoid it at all possible costs.

Ring the Scam Alert! Pseudo CFD Software!

Ripple Code System is not an authentic Altcoin trading bot. There is nothing genuine about its operational process. Existing user testimonials and professional trading reviews confirm that the digital investment software is most likely a scam. People have not managed to achieve the promised results. They have only accumulated losses.

Fake Stamps-of-Approval & Stock Photo Testimonials

Just like every other virtual trading robot, the one at hand has uploaded allegedly authentic user testimonials on its official website. A basic investigation proves that they are not real. Most of them are stock images and the rest are taken from websites of rival platforms.


The stamps-of-approval also have no genuine origin. They could have been created by anyone with basic graphic design skills. None of them are issued by an official regulatory body. Their sole purpose is to trick users into signing up. This is just a marketing trick.

Better CFD Trading Opportunities Out There!

Ripple Code System is a proven scam. Its founders do not even have the decency to try and cover that the interface, outlook, and operational process are directly copied from several other crypto trading platforms.

The CFD investment robot does not partner with officially-recognized Altcoin brokers. Users better not test its services. There are superior investment solutions on the Internet. One would have better chances of accumulating good daily results with one of them.

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