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The Calloway Software Review


Have you received an invitation to join the Calloway Software? Chances are that you already have and you may be wondering whether it is a legitimate investment opportunity or not.

Through this detailed review, we are going to share with you the truth about this newly launched system. Presented by someone called Brett Calloway, The Calloway Software isn’t a reliable option for making investments over the internet. Continue reading to learn more about this trading tool.

What is The Calloway Software?

Over the past couple of months, a large number of trading systems have entered the market. While some are safe and can be used to optimize trading results, the others are just scams which have been designed to rip off innocent traders.

The Calloway Software falls in the category of fake trading systems. It claims to generate signals on behalf of traders which can be used for making investment decisions. But, we don’t feel that their signals can be relied on. They are not even anywhere near accurate and if you use them for trading, you will end up losing your investment funds.


The software managed to garner enormous attention simply because it is being promoted aggressively on the internet. Unsolicited emails are being sent to random people asking them to sign up. Basically, they are pretending to offer something that is hard to resist, but when you actually sign up, you will realize that there is nothing you can get out of it.

The Calloway Software is a bad trading system and it also lacks the features of a trustworthy investment tool.

How Does The Calloway Software Work?

Anyone who has experience in the trading field won’t be surprised with the way this software operates. If you take a look at their video presentation, you will get some explanation on how it works. Actually, what they are saying is what they want us to believe. But the truth is different.

According to them, their software analyses the financial markets, searches for profitable positions and sends alerts as soon as it detects a favourable opportunity for trading. The video also talks about some popular indicators such as stochastics and moving averages. They tell you that their software produces signal in real-time using strategies that have never been used before. This is how they claims that the Calloway Software is over 96% accurate.

Again, if you have traded before, you will know that their figures are absurd. They don’t make sense because such accuracy rates are not possible in the financial trading world. The volatility of the markets doesn’t make such things possible and this is why we don’t have any reason to trust their statements.

Our investigation reveals that their modus operandi involve connecting traders to offshore brokers. They trap unsuspecting traders with false promises and when they are successful, they make traders sign up with an affiliate broker.

If you sign you, you will first have to deposit at least $250 in your account. Then, you will gain access to the software which will do nothing more than depleting your trading account. Eventually, you will lose all your investment capital to the broker.

Good to Know:

Earning thousands of dollars on a daily basis with assistance from a trading robot may sound like a fantastic idea, but the fact is that such things don’t happen. Even the best trading systems cannot make this possible.

The Calloway Software: Scam Investigation

The Calloway Software promises to give you many signals on a daily basis, each one having an accuracy of over 96%. So according to them, you are guaranteed to win at least 9 out of every 10 trades that you make. Chances are extremely high that you can even get 10 on 10 successful trades, right?

Then why isn’t there anyone who has attained financial freedom by using it? There are no positive reviews or comments shared online about the Calloway Software. In fact, our team has come across negative feedback and complaints which suggest that neither the software, nor the broker it assigns are genuine. The brokers refuse payment and block traders when they make withdrawal requests. Basically, the experience that traders had with this software can be termed as scary and unpleasant.

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Moreover, anyone who registers with them are left to trade on their own. They don’t offer learning resources or support service, despite mentioning on their website that they do.

The software is also not free. We have already mentioned that you will be asked for a deposit of $250 even before you can gain access to the tool. They are not asking for a payment upfront because they know no one will sign up with them at that cost. They have kept the charges hidden for the last minute so traders don’t have a way out when they are entrapped.


There are a number of tested alternatives that can be used for a more fruitful investment experience. The Calloway Software cannot be trusted because it has many scam elements attached and the kind of negative reviews being published about it also raises suspicion regarding its authenticity.

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