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Destination Moon Trade System – Path To The Future of Crypto Or A Scam?

Crypto Trading Machine Overview

Destination Moon Trade System is a self-described crypto trading machine which was developed by a team of skillful programmers and software designers. The members of the founding team prefer to remain anonymous so it is impossible to determine whether they are legit or not. Whenever a crypto robot’s creator refuses to present more facts about himself and his respective colleagues, then something fishy is going on.

It is supposed to let the user design his very own cryptocurrency exchange software by combining elements from 78 other crypto trading solutions. While the idea for this does sound solid and interesting, there is no explanation as to how the actual implementation is going to work out.

The Altcoin investment software offers two different crypto trading plans which are also paid. Since there is very little feedback regarding the software, we cannot verify if they are worth the monthly subscription or not.


Most of the issued cryptocurrency investment reviews have had a negative tone and this is why users should keep in mind that the solution might turn out to be a scam. It is best for them to choose between Proceeding to Safety OR Picking a Genuine Crypto Robot from the following table.

Who Is The Creator? Is He From The Moon?

The actual founders of this cryptocurrency exchange app are most likely misty individuals which are closely tied to the trading underground. This is most likely not the first Bitcoin investment software that they have released to the wider audience, trying to present it as being legit.

But until there is more information regarding their personal and professional backgrounds, it cannot be confirmed that the story is authentic. The official website states that they have developed different types of trading robots and online investment assistance solutions since 2009.

Unfortunately, this claim is unverifiable due to the lack of substantial proof. It is best to assume that they are nothing more than experienced scam artists. This is one of the main reasons why the cryptocurrency investment bot cannot be recommended as a viable trading solution.

It is best for one to get started with a truly reliable crypto trading tool like the Crypto Code System. This is a genuine and trustworthy crypto robot which gives good results on a daily basis. There has been nothing positive feedback and reviews about it.

Did You Know?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a digital opening in which users can acquire crypto-coins and become investors in the future cryptocurrency. They share characteristics with ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and crowdfunding campaigns on the web. Bill Hinman from SEC recently announced that the institution he represents does not consider Bitcoin and Ethereum securities but there are chances for other crypto tokens to be considered and regarded as such.

Users Must Send Their earnings to The Team

The billing method of Destination Moon Trade System is very peculiar. They have two subscription plans, called Half Moon and Full Moon. If users opt for the former, they must send annual monthly payments to the owners of the cryptocurrency software in order to continue using it.

With the second subscription plan, clients get a prepaid software. It offers digital investment assistance and the user can also choose to trade manually. Another strange thing is that users can combine and switch between 78 different crypto trading machines.

Nobody knows exactly what this means and the creators have not provided a plausible explanation. Plus, it is not certain whether all of them work in a similar manner. One’s performance may variate significantly from the other.

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Results Ratio Doesn’t Reach The Moon!

There are many devious factors about this cryptocurrency exchange portal, even though the initial concept for it does sound interesting and engaging. We cannot recommend it as legit until more exhaustive details about its operational process are provided by the supposed creators. Chances are that it is a scam.

The strangest thing the Bitcoin investment solution is the fact that it has a monthly subscription. This procedure does not resemble that of other legit crypto robots with an established reputation. Its special features are also nowhere to be found and it is not clear how exactly is it fail-proofed.

Destination Moon Trade System Won’t Make Users Go Anywhere

Destination Moon Trade System is a dubious and shady crypto trading portal. It is supposed to connect users to legit crypto robots but user reviews state the opposite. Not only this but one has to pay a monthly subscription in order to continue utilizing its services after the initial sign-up.

Clients will make a wise choice if they opt to stay away at the current moment. More facts need to get released for it to be considered trustworthy. Until then, users can simply trade with a reputable and fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange app.

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