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The News Spy System – Same Old Scam Or Not?

Basic Crypto Trading Software Details

The News Spy System is a newly-launched cryptocurrency exchange tool that was allegedly designed and founded by a group of skilled analysts. There is no other information made available as to their professional portfolios or personal backgrounds. An exhaustive research on the web also does not reveal anything else.

This leads to the logical assumption that they are most likely just a group of novice scammers who got an original idea about establishing a crypto trading app with zero actual investment capacity. Clients must proceed quite cautiously as there is a great chance that this Bitcoin investment solution is nothing more than the next fraudulent robot.

It also uses fake media stamps-of-approval in order to create the illusion that it is legit. A simple checkup on the official websites of the said international news and communication network reveals that they have not endorsed the Altcoin investment software.

Any user who was thinking of joining the crypto trading tool better back off as there is a very high likelihood of it being as far from reliable and trustworthy as possible. Visitors can choose whether they wish to Proceed to Safety OR Pick An Authentic System from the following table.


Allegedly Backed Up By A Team Of Analysts

This cryptocurrency trading software revolves around the idea that it combines both a self-learning algorithm and is backed-up by real-life human analysts. The concept is original but it is very unlikely that this is the core foundational principle of the Bitcoin investment app. There is nothing original or unique about the utilized trading platform – it is the standard one for the industry.

Users may think that they are registering for a legit and authentic solution but the sad reality is that they are not. The received investment signals are compiled on the basis of recent Altcoin news but they do not reflect the factors that have a direct influence on the cryptocurrency market’s price changes.

The creators and the core team behind the crypto trading app are not experienced data analysts that double-verify the value shift forecasts, issued by the machine-learning computer codes which constantly scan the news. This is all made up in order to attract a bigger number of customers.

Our best suggestion to visitors would be to register for a truly legitimate and authentic cryptocurrency investment software, like the Crypto Code System. They will enjoy good daily results and be entitled to a number of exclusive features and learning materials.

Did You Know?

The news can be a very good indication of the direction, in which the cryptocurrency market is going. Most Altcoins’ value is affected by the following factors – how the major fiat currencies are doing, what the user demand for crypto-coins is, market capitalization levels, speculation, and investor perspective. One can easily learn how they are doing by simply following a reliable media that covers the said topics.

A News Analysis Cryptocurrency Exchange App?

This crypto trading solution has computer codes that specifically target and follow all important news events, related to the list of cryptocurrency by market cap. Whenever it notices that there is a downward or upward trend, it sends the results of its scanning to the supposedly expert analysis team which should perform a manual review of the information.

If they confirm that the data is genuine, then an alert is sent to the user. Our investigation, however, revealed that it is highly unlikely for this to be true. The impressive operational principle was just cleverly thought of in order to attract a larger number of newcomers.

Nothing Impressive About Performance – Possible Scam!

The News Spy System is most likely a scam cryptocurrency exchange solution. It is not licensed and regulated. The Bitcoin brokers that it partners with also do not have any certificates that confirm that they can provide trustworthy investment advice. There are no practical features and most of the facts about the way the crypto trading instrument operates are fabricated.

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Fiverr Actors Used For Testimonials

Among the most discouraging factors about this Bitcoin investment app is that it uses paid actors in order to compile user testimonials. This gives the average visitor the false impression that the crypto trading tool is legit and authentic. Most of the people seen in the short clips are actually hired from the freelancing service website called Fiverr.

The News Spy System – Bad Bitcoin Investment Opportunities!

The News Spy System is a scam cryptocurrency exchange tool. None of the data and facts its creators present about it are genuine. Most of them were made up just to create a bubbly advertisement image. It is best for users to stay away and not trust a single word of what is stated, especially, if they are novices. There are far better Altcoin investment tools.

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